How to incorporate Cookie Brittle into your favorite fall desserts

How to incorporate Cookie Brittle into your favorite fall desserts

There’s just something about the shorter days and brisk evenings of autumn that activates our sweet tooth. This time of year, we can’t help but want to curl up on the couch with a warm piece of pie, a steaming hot cup of cocoa and a good movie.

What makes fall desserts even more enticing is anything that enhances their flavor and presentation, like Mother Rucker’s Sweets sweet, buttery and crunchy Cookie Brittle. Whether you serve them crushed, crumbled, blended or served whole, our Cookie Brittle can bring a whole new level of wholesome goodness to your favorite autumn indulgences. Here’s how.

Crushed Cookie Brittle

How to finish off that beautifully frosted chocolate fudge cake? We highly recommend a sprinkling of crushed Cocoa Cookie Brittle. Put a few pieces of brittle into a plastic bag and crush them into a fine powder with your hands or a rolling pin, and sprinkle the crushed brittle generously on the top and sides of your cake to add texture and embellishment. Do the same with our Almond Cookie Brittle for either chocolate or vanilla cakes, and with our irresistible Lemon Cookie Brittle for lemony cakes.

For pies, sprinkle crushed Cookie Brittle onto whipped cream toppings for a presentation that’s truly gourmet. You can also sprinkle crushed Cookie Brittles copiously onto whipped cream toppings for hot cocoa and eggnog too. Dip the moistened rims of champagne flutes into a blend of crushed Cinnamon Cookie Brittle, powdered sugar and cinnamon and fill the glasses with apple cider mimosas. Crushed Cookie Brittle can garnish just about any dessert, so keep a box on hand for anytime you want to go all out on your presentation.

Crumbled Cookie Brittle

For many pies, the pie crust is kind of like bread crust — something unremarkable that simply accompanies the good stuff inside. That’s why for creamy pies like chocolate, coconut cream and lemon meringue, we like to start with a crumbled Cookie Brittle pie crust, substituting our own spectacular Cookie Brittle for the cookies in this recipe for a Cookie Crumb Pie Crust. Use Almond Cookie Brittle and Cocoa Cookie Brittle for chocolate and vanilla cream pies, Lemon Cookie Brittle for lemon meringue pies, and for a chocolate mint pie, try making the crust out of our Chocolate Mint Cookie Brittle. They’re so good, they almost steal the show!

Blended Cookie Brittle

Fall weather may tempt us with warm desserts, but that doesn’t stop our occasional dalliance with the sweets from the freezer aisle. What keeps our relationship with ice cream going when the weather would otherwise chill our fondness for something cold and creamy is the addictive addition of our own Cookie Brittle.

Cocoa Cookie Brittle blended with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce makes for a splendid chocolate caramel milkshake with a hint of cookie crunch. A chocolate shake blended with Chocolate Mint Cookie Brittle is sweet and exciting. Cinnamon Cookie Brittle blended with vanilla ice cream makes for a tasty snickerdoodle shake. Add in a little eggnog to the blend, and you’ve got a milkshake that will delight your family throughout the holidays.

Whole Cookie Brittle

Made of wholesome ingredients with no artificial flavors, our Cookie Brittle stands alone as a dessert that can satisfy any sweet craving you have. But served on a platter with a pot of chocolate fondue, you’ll have a gourmet dessert that your family and holiday guests can nibble all evening, enjoying the combination of crunchiness and warm creaminess with every bite.

Cookie Brittles are perfect for dunking, too — whether in your favorite cup of joe, eggnog, hot cocoa, a vanilla latte or an almond milk steamer.

What’s your favorite way to incorporate Mother Rucker’s Sweets Cookie Brittle into a recipe? We’d love for you to share it with us.