Halloween Crafts for All Ages

Halloween Crafts for All Ages



Halloween Crafts

Every year, when the sun starts setting sooner, the nights become chilly and dry leaves fill the neighborhood streets, we can’t help but get excited about the approach of Halloween. But dressing up our little witches, ghosts and superheroes for a night of trick-or-treating is only part of the fun. Spending some quality crafting time with the family to create our own spooky decorations makes this autumnal holiday complete.

Being in the business of making life sweet and fun, we’d like to share a few Halloween craft ideas that you and your family can enjoy while making memories you’ll look back on for years to come.

Mason Jar Ghost Lantern

Any craft that involves canning jars rates high on our list of must-do activities. The jars are cheap, and all you need to create something awesome out of them is a little paint, ribbon and cardboard. This idea for Mason Jar Ghost Lanterns is a perfect example. With a few craft supplies and several canning jars, you and your kids can make cute, ghostly lanterns to light up a pathway or the windows of your home. They’re adorable and rival store-bought decorations, but they’re deceptively cheap to make. Tip: Try drawing different facial expressions with a Sharpie on each lantern to create a variety of personalities, and have fun giving them names to match.

Cookie Cutter Pumpkin Carving

After your family has carved out a couple of traditional jack-o’-lanterns with triangular eyes and a jagged smile, try carving a few pumpkins with unconventional carvings of animal shapes, cool designs and other Halloween-themed shapes to wow anyone who dares approach to your front door. This tutorial will show you how to mark the shapes with cookie cutters and cut out the details with a carving knife. Even your littlest ones can participate by pounding the mallet to make the initial outlines while your more dexterous carvers finish up the shapes. Tip: Metal cookie cutters work best.

Hanging Ghosts

For families with kids of a variety of ages, it can be hard to find crafts that are fun for both your younger and older ones. But this tutorial for fabric ghosts to hang all around your home is something everyone can enjoy — even the grown-ups. All you need is some white fabric, black felt and fabric glue. These hanging ghosts are super-easy and dirt cheap to make, which means you can fill up your entire front yard by hanging them from trees, light posts and the porch to create a Halloween display that’s a real traffic-stopper. Tip: Add hair, hats and a few key articles of clothing to make a ghost version of your family, too!

Melted Crayon Pumpkins

Your little ones may not be ready to carve with a knife or use sharp scissors, but with your supervision, they might just be ready to melt. This tutorial for Melted Crayon Pumpkins takes a few white pumpkins and bedecks them with all the colors of the rainbow. You’ll simply have your kids peel the paper off of a variety of crayons, fix them to the pumpkin and melt them with a hair dryer while you watch the colors drip, run and decorate the gourds that will work as decor for both Halloween and the just-around-the-corner Thanksgiving holiday season as well.

Tape Resist Skeleton Paintings

For a life-size decoration that looks as edgy as Halloween and can bring out the artist in anyone, we love this tutorial for Tape Resist Skeleton Paintings. Using a roll of white butcher paper or canvas, a roll or two of painter’s tape and nontoxic black paint, you and your kids can create huge skeleton paintings to decorate a whole wall. Get the entire family involved — this craft is for all ages. The result is a large poster with a graffiti-style skeleton on a black background that beats any ready-made Halloween poster we’ve ever found. Once you learn how the skeletons are outlined, you’ll see why this activity will become a cherished family keepsake.

Have a spooktacular Halloween!