Upgrade Your Brunch With These Recipes

Upgrade Your Brunch With These Recipes


Being in the business of bringing a little more leisure to life, we’d like to share with you our list of Mother Rucker’s Sweets’ favorite brunch fare. You’ll definitely want to serve these dishes at your next mid-morning get-together.

Fruit and Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastries

Because brunch should be as easy-going for the host as it is for the hosted, this recipe for Fruit and Cream Cheese Breakfast Pastries tops our list. It combines a mere five ingredients into a wholesomely good breakfast item that takes only 10 minutes to prep. Just combine cream cheese, sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest and vanilla extract to form the filling for frozen puff pastries, then top the whole thing off with fresh fruit — strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, peaches, plums or whatever is in season. The recipe makes creating variations easy, so it’s a snap to present your guests with plenty of choices.

Chicken and Waffle Sliders

To the uninitiated, chicken and waffles may sound like an unlikely partnership. But those who’ve spent some time enjoying the company of this combo understand why this comfort food phenomenon has caught on in homes and restaurants alike. With a five-minute prep time, this recipe requires no more than a box of frozen mini waffles, chicken tenders and maple syrup. The result is a brunch dish whose rich, complex flavors will keep you satisfied until dinnertime.

French Toast Eggs in a Hole

Here’s one brunch favorite that’s as ingenious as it is scrumptious. Inspired by the big breakfast combos that you find at 24-hour diners, this recipe for French Toast Eggs in a Hole takes only ten minutes to prepare. Use a jelly jar (or shot glass) to cut a hole in a slice of French toast, bake an egg in the cavity you’ve created, then top it with maple syrup. Maybe one size does fit all?

Banana Bread Pancakes

Fluffy, moist and sweet is exactly how we love our pancakes. Throw in a little banana and walnuts, and we’re ready to gorge ourselves on as many pancakes as we can whip up. This recipe for Banana Bread Pancakes combines the flavor of an all-time favorite breakfast bread with an ingredients list that will have you flipping perfect pancakes in as little as 25 minutes. The result is so delicious and so addictive that you may want to make Banana Bread Pancakes the theme for your whole brunch and cook up as many as your guests can eat. Throw some chocolate chips, berries or a variety of nuts into the batter to further expand your pancake possibilities.

Fruity Yogurt with Mother Rucker’s Sweets Cookie Brittle

Seeing how cooks work our Cookies and Cookie Brittles into their flavorful recipes gives us a huge feeling of satisfaction. For example, this quick and easy yogurt parfait that combines creaminess, crunchiness and sweetness for a delightful, low-calorie breakfast treat. Just buy a large container of vanilla yogurt to dish out in small dessert bowls. Top the yogurt with fresh fruit and crumbled Mother Rucker’s Sweets Cookie Brittles for a five-minute breakfast dish that’s both tasty and nutritious. Some of our favorite fruit and cookie crumble combos are Almond Cookie Brittle with peaches, Cocoa Cookie Brittle with raspberries and Lemon Cookie Brittle with bananas.

Brunch Cocktails

For those brunch occasions that call for a sophisticated beverage that warms, delights and impresses, we love the citrusy tartness of this recipe for a Mandarin Mimosa, which makes a beautiful presentation of mandarin juice mixed with chilled sparkling wine. Equally as beautiful (but requiring four hours of prep) is this recipe for a raspberry cream mimosa, a frozen granita mixed with chilled sparkling wine that’s always a pleasure to sip. Finally, all you need are three ingredients — cranberry juice, orange juice and sparkling wine — to follow this recipe for Cranberry Orange Mimosa Bellinis. Tart and refreshing in equal measure, this take on the Bellini is sure to become one of your favorite five-minute cocktails, and no matter the occasion.