5 handy cooking and recipe apps to help you sharpen your kitchen skills

5 handy cooking and recipe apps to help you sharpen your kitchen skills

Thanks to the huge selection of cooking apps available on the digital marketplace today, anyone with a smartphone or tablet is just a tap away from an unlimited source of delicious recipes and culinary inspiration. But cutting through the clutter and finding the very best apps could take up an entire afternoon that, in our opinion, would be better spent on cooking up something awesome in the kitchen.

That’s why we’ve narrowed down this list of our favorite cooking apps that are either free to use or available for a reasonable price.

Yummly Recipes and Shopping List

Free: iOS / Google Play

Yummly Recipes and Shopping List is an excellent recipe resource with a handy shopping list function. Its strength lies in its ability to boil down a vast range of recipes from thousands of cooking websites and blogs to match your tastes and needs to a handful of selections. Looking for a recipe with salmon and sweet potatoes for tonight’s dinner? Yummly will search the more than 32,000 salmon recipes and 69,000 sweet potato recipes in its database to offer up just the ones that match your search filters.

Over time, as Yummly learns what you like, the recipes the app finds will be tailored specifically for you, and you can kickstart those personal recommendations by entering your diet preferences and allergy restrictions. The app also offers daily suggested recipes, so you have everything you need to break out of a boring meal rut and enjoy an all-new menu of fresh and exciting meals.

Once you find the recipes that sound good to you, you can collect and organize them in your own digital recipe box, add the ingredients to your shopping list and take it with you on your mobile phone so you won’t miss a thing while you’re at the market.


Free: iOS / Google Play

Another recipe app with a gargantuan database, BigOven stands out for its option to share recipes with friends and see what they’re cooking. But what we really love about this app is its ability to scan all of our old handwritten recipe cards and transcribe them into a file that you can save and share with others.

With BigOven, you can follow all of your favorite food blogs and bookmark the recipes you like, rate them and review them. A paid membership will also let you generate grocery lists and explore nutritional information.


Free: iOS / Google Play

Cookpad allows you to search recipes, save favorites for later and share them with the world — or keep them all private, if you wish. What’s unique about Cookpad’s recipes is that they’re all published by everyday home cooks, so you can find everything from fancy drinks and gourmet dishes to simple dinners and sides.

You can also chat with other cooks and keep a cooking diary with photos of the dishes you’ve made, complete with photos you’ve snapped yourself with your phone’s camera. If there’s something that you think the world needs to enjoy, then publish it and bask in the good reviews. Cookpad is all about creating a community of cooks who can learn from and interact with each other.

Oh She Glows

$1.99: iOS / Google Play

Based on Angela Liddon’s best-selling cookbook by the same name, the Oh She Glows recipe app features a database of plant-based recipes for anyone who wants to enjoy a more nutritious fare and healthy lifestyle. Every recipe is searchable and categorized by dietary information, seasonings and dish type as well as by filters such as freezer-friendly, budget-friendly or quick-and-easy. Liddon has poured her eight-plus years of experience in food blogging and culinary research into the selected recipes, ensuring that even the staunchest carnivore fan will find her meals as delicious as they are healthy.

How to Cook Everything

$9.99: iOS

How to Cook Everything is New York Times’ Columnist Mark Bittman’s app for discovering the hidden chef within, and it’s a great resource for both experienced cooks and those who are just starting to learn their way around a kitchen. The app has all 2,000 recipes and variations found in Bittman’s cookbook of the same name. The app also features hundreds of the cookbook’s illustrations, how-to guides and equipment recommendations. Handy timers are built right into the recipe steps so you won’t need to switch apps and lose your place.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get cooking!