5 heartwarming handmade Father’s Day gifts

5 heartwarming handmade Father’s Day gifts

Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity for your kids to tell Dad just how much they love and appreciate him, and nothing conveys that message better than a gift they make themselves.

From deciding just what Dad would like, gathering all the items and putting their own personal touch on the final result, kids will gain a sense of how they should be thinking about the needs and feelings of others as they create a Father’s Day keepsake with real sentimental value. We at Mother Rucker’s Sweets enjoy being in the business of making life special and sweet, and so today we’re sharing a few ideas for handmade Father’s day gift ideas that you and your family are sure to love.

Shrinky Dink Tie Tack and Key Chain

Retro, fun to create and long-lasting, Shrinky Dink crafts make for an afternoon project that your kids will enjoy making as much as giving. By printing out a few special photos directly on the sheet of Shrinky Dink material and baking it into a hard plastic pendant, your child can make a unique tie tack or keychain to give to dad. Take a family photo, add text in a speech bubble or make a collage of photos for an endless variety of designs. This tutorial will show you how.

Special Message Framed Photo

For a gift-making project that’s beautiful and easy to make, few ideas are better than this tutorial for a framed photo with a special message spelled out in Scrabble pieces. As an addition to Dad’s desk at work or the latest installment on a family photo wall at home, this project captures your child’s present stage of life and will only grow in sentimental value as the years pass.

Candy Bar Letter

What dad doesn’t love getting a few extra treats to nosh on? This tutorial brings together poster board and a variety of candy bars to spell out exactly how your kiddos feel about Dad using the candy bar names to communicate their rave review. You’ll want to take a picture of the letter when the kids present it to Dad, because this is a gift that’s sure to disappear fast.

Mustache Mug

No one ever seems to need a new mug, but don’t let that stop you from bringing a smile to Dad’s face with this tutorial for a whimsical mustache mug. All it takes is a plain old mug, a Sharpie and a few dabs of porcelain paint to make a mug that’ll bring a little humor to Dad’s morning cup of Joe.

Father’s Day Coupon Book

Dads seem to get stuck with all the unwanted chores around the house: mowing, taking out the trash, sweeping the garage and picking up after the dog. So when your children craft a creative coupon book to let Dad take a break from some of his domestic tasks, they’ll not only treat him to a little leisure time, but also gain some appreciation for everything he does, as well. This tutorial will guide you and your kids in creating the blank coupon book, and what your kids write inside is all up to their own imagination. A break from certain tasks, a promise to do better at school, an offer to let Dad choose the movie on movie night — let your children’s imagination run free.

Happy Father’s Day!