Shake up teatime with these tea and Cookie Brittle pairings

Shake up teatime with these tea and Cookie Brittle pairings

Move over coffee — you’re not the only hot beverage that goes well with dessert. With so many varieties, flavors and caffeine levels to choose from, tea is one of our favorite beverages, whether we’re just waking up in the morning or having a nightcap before bed.

And, like coffee, tea also goes with just about everything. We especially enjoy pairing different kinds of teas with our Mother Rucker’s Sweets Cookie Brittle for a refreshing and delicious break any time of day. Our Cookie Brittle is sweet, buttery and crunchy and made with wholesome ingredients — the perfect companion to an energizing cup of tea.

Here are some of our favorite teatime pairings.

Lemon Cookie Brittle

Sweet, tart and made with real lemon, our Lemon Cookie Brittle pairs well with tart and fruity herbal teas and black teas that are flavored with citrus or vanilla.

Pair Lemon Cookie Brittle with Earl Grey’s uplifting kick of caffeine and bergamot, or serve with lemon-ginger black tea or simple lemon herbal tea sweetened with honey.

Mint Cookie Brittle

Made from scratch with real butter and natural mint flavor, Mint Cookie Brittle is a crunchy and refreshing sweet treat all by itself. When paired with a peppermint tea that’s lightly sweetened, it’s out this world. You can enjoy your Mint Cookie Brittle with the bold, smoky flavor of gunpowder green tea or the mild, earthy China Yunnan tea. Moroccan mint green tea will only double your minty experience, or choose herbal peppermint for an evening refresher before bedtime.

Cinnamon Cookie Brittle

Buttery, crunchy and a little spicy, our Cinnamon Cookie Brittle pairs well with just about any tea you can imagine. Try pairing it with English breakfast black tea, ginger peach black tea, vanilla black tea or a special lavender vanilla tea for a truly elegant dessert to serve to guests.

Almond Cookie Brittle

Natural almond flavor gives our Almond Cookie Brittle its addictive flavor that goes with just about anything. Pair it with the sweet and toasty flavor of oolong tea, or vanilla almond black tea. For a sleep-friendly evening dessert, serve them with almond vanilla herbal tea or a flavorful and tart hibiscus tea.

Cocoa Cookie Brittle

Real butter, rich cocoa powder and a drop of vanilla come together to make our Cocoa Cookie Brittle one of the best-selling Cookie Brittle flavors we offer. You’ll create a dessert worth bragging about when you pair them with Darjeeling tea’s robust and slightly spicy flavor, or the malty, brisk taste and bright color of Assam black tea. Green teas also go well with chocolatey sweets, enhancing the experience with an aroma that emphasizes the brittle’s sweetness. Or go all out with a creamy, spicy chai tea topped with whipped cream and crumbled Cocoa Cookie Brittle.

See you at teatime!