Making a Cookie Brittle Milkshake

Making a Cookie Brittle Milkshake

Being in the business of dreaming up ways to make everything in life sweeter, the bakers of Mother Rucker’s Sweets have come up with just the thing to take your milkshake recipe from ordinary to gourmet: cookie brittle.

Nothing complements a cold, creamy, sweet milkshake like the surprising texture and rich flavor of expertly baked cookie goodness. Blended in with your standard shake, Mother Rucker’s Sweets’ Cookie Brittles give your favorite frozen treat a delicious crunchiness. Top your milkshake with whipped cream and toss on a sprinkling of crumbled cookie brittle, and you’ve just created a dessert that’s a treat for the eyes as well.

The Recipe

Cookie brittle milkshakes start with a basic milkshake. Add two cups of vanilla ice cream and about 3/4 cup of whole milk to your blender. Blend until the mix becomes smooth and creamy.

That’s the classic milkshake. But that’s not all! Add about 5 Mother Rucker’s Sweets Cookie Brittles to your mixture and hit it with a couple of quick bursts with the blender — just enough to grind up the brittles and distribute them throughout the shake. Pour the shake into a classic soda fountain glass, top it with whipped cream, sprinkle on a little crushed cookie brittle and enjoy.

Endless Variations

You can create hundreds of variations on this basic recipe just by mixing and matching ice cream and cookie brittle flavors. Tossing in whatever assortment of flavored syrups, chocolate chips, nuts, spices and candies you have on hand only unlocks more possibilities. And, if dairy is an issue, just substitute almond milk or soy milk along with any variety of dairy-free ice cream.

For a little more inspiration, here are some of our favorite Cookie Brittle Milkshake combos.

Chocolate Challenge

The Chocolate Challenge combines two scoops of chocolate ice cream with Mother Rucker’s Sweets Cocoa Cookie Brittles. The whole thing is crowned with chocolate chips and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. True chocolate lovers need only apply!

Almond Joy Shake

It’s just like the popular candy bar, only in the form of a milkshake! Add chocolate chips and a tablespoon of almond flavored coffee syrup to the basic milkshake recipe. Then, top with crushed Mother Rucker’s Sweets Almond Cookie Brittle and a touch of flaked coconut.

Snickerdoodle Shake

For a milkshake with the classic, warm flavor of snickerdoodle cookies, top the basic recipe with crushed Mother Rucker’s Sweets Cinnamon Cookie Brittles.

Chocolate Mint Shake

Cool, sweet and delicious, a chocolate mint shake can be concocted by blending chocolate ice cream and Mother Rucker’s Sweets Mint Cookie Brittles. Top with chocolate chips and crumbled mint cookie brittle — and a fresh mint leaf for a truly delightful presentation.

Lemon Pie Milkshake

When you think of fruity milkshakes, strawberry likely comes to mind. The Lemon Pie Milkshake will change all that. To the basic milkshake recipe, add a tablespoon or two of canned lemon pie filling. Top with whipped cream, crumbled Lemon Cookie Brittle and crushed graham crackers, then get ready to be amazed by the uniquely scrumptious milkshake you’ve just mixed up.