Our favorite sweet, homemade Easter treats

Our favorite sweet, homemade Easter treats

Easter sweets give us a chance to color everything in happy pastel hues — a sort of culinary tribute to spring. Jelly beans and store-bought chocolate bunnies are always fun, but homemade treats will wow your friends and family with their presentation and scrumptiousness.

Being in the business of making life joyful, we at Mother Rucker’s Sweets compiled this list of recipes for some truly gourmet Easter treats that you’ll want to add to your Easter celebrations this year and every year to come.

Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles

The first thing you’ll notice about these Easter Egg Cookie Dough Truffles is how lovely they look when arranged in a pretty bowl with a little ornamental grass to complete the springtime look. Once you bite into them, you’ll become addicted to their soft, buttery goodness and the chocolate chip surprise hidden within a beautiful candy shell. This recipe will take a little time, but the results are worth the effort.

Peep Fruit Kabobs

Skewer a colorful variety of fresh cut fruit on a wooden skewer with a marshmallow Peep, and you’ve just made one of the easiest Easter treats you could imagine. As this recipe for Peep Fruit Kabobs notes, you’ll want to make these just before serving them or the sugar on the Peeps will run. But, with a prep time of mere minutes, they’re easy to whip up on the spot and bring a touch of happiness anytime they’re brought out.

Chocolate-Dipped Peeps

Don’t put away the wooden skewers quite yet — here’s another recipe that calls for skewering a package of marshmallow Peep candies for dipping into melted chocolate chips. Once the Peeps are dipped, you and your kids can have a blast dressing the little chocolate-covered critters up in pastel sprinkles, daisies, nonpareils and pearls — or maybe even chopped nuts and colored coconut flakes.

Easter Egg Cookies with Pastel Icing

Grab a variety of cookie icings and prepare to get artsy with this recipe for Easter Egg Cookies with Pastel Icing. Each little butter cookie you bake up and top with a layer of white icing becomes a blank canvas for you to decorate. They may even replace the traditional dyeing of hardboiled eggs as your kids’ favorite Easter activity, because they’re so much more scrumptious to bite into!

Mini No-Bake White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

Beautiful pink cheesecakes topped with a variety of candy eggs in fanciful bird’s nests made of pretzels — that’s what you’ll get with just 20 minutes of prep time when you give this recipe for Mini No-Bake White Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake a try. Cream cheese, non-dairy whipped topping, strawberry puree and white chocolate candy comprise the delicious no-bake filling. This recipe makes three cute little cheesecakes, so double or triple up if you’ve got more friends and family to serve.

Mason Jar Easter Baskets

When you’re pressed for time but still want to make a lovely treat everyone will fawn over, these Mason Jar Easter Baskets may be just what you’re looking for. Mason jars bring instant nostalgia to any craft, and when you place an arrangement of colorful candies and a chocolate bunny inside and top the lid with a handmade tissue paper flower, you’ll end up with a novel Easter gift that everyone will love. Here’s where the beautiful colors of jelly beans will truly shine.

Happy Easter!