9 fun indoor activities to do with your kids this winter

9 fun indoor activities to do with your kids this winter

The winter weather may have your little ones feeling all cooped up, but you can keep cabin fever at bay by getting them involved in some fun indoor activities. Nothing beats back the winter doldrums like being productive and using your imagination.

That’s why we at Mother Rucker’s Sweets are sharing a list of some of our favorite boredom-busting activities for you to enjoy with your kiddos when frigid temperatures and gloomy skies keep your family nestled cozily inside.

1. Make Edible Cinnamon Sugar Snowflakes

Making cinnamon sugar snowflakes packs two ways to fight the winter blues into one activity: first, you make something; second, you get to eat it. All you need is a package of small, white tortillas, butter, sugar and cinnamon, which you’ve likely already got on hand. Following this tutorial, you can easily take up an hour making these tasty snacks and then enjoy a few now and a few more later.

2. Start a Drawing Prompt

Kids love to draw, and you can make drawing even more exciting by setting up a chalkboard or dry-erase board somewhere in the house with a drawing prompt. A drawing prompt is simply the beginning of a drawing that you sketch out with a question or invitation to engage your kids’ imagination and spur them to finish the concept. This guide provides more details on this activity, which can easily give your children something to do for an hour or more.

3. Craft a Toilet Paper Roll Wildlife Diorama

Every home usually has plenty of cardboard tubes from paper towels or toilet paper to spare. Your kids can apply their creativity to make cute wild animals out of these tubes, such as this tutorial on a paper tube polar bear, this tutorial for a paper tube penguin, or this tutorial, which shows how to make a paper tube monkey, elephant, lion and alligator. After your kids have built up their menagerie, follow this guide on how to use a box and a few craft supplies to build a fun and exciting diorama habitat for their animal creations.

4. Bling Out with Pasta Jewelry

Beading pasta jewelry is fun and helps your little ones to develop fine motor skills. With a package of penne pasta, food coloring, hand sanitizer, a bag, some string and this tutorial, you’ll have all you need to teach your kids how to create their own colorful, wearable art. Oh, and if you’d rather skip the hand sanitizer coloring method, you can use white vinegar — just follow this example.

5. Create a Time Capsule

What kid wouldn’t jump at the chance to send a message and a few artifacts to their future self? With a family time capsule, your kids can effectively contact themselves in the future and remind themselves of what they were thinking, what things they liked, and what their plans were. Building a time capsule is a chance to have fun now and at a later date when you decide to open it and look back at an earlier time together. Time capsules can be hidden out of sight indoors, or for more fun, buried outside when temps warm back up. This guide will get you started.

6. Make a Pop-Up Greeting Card

Everyone likes getting mail from a friend or relative, so share the joy of sending and receiving a note the old-fashioned way. With this tutorial for a pop-up card, you can show your kids how to make their own greeting cards to send through the post office. All you need is simple cardstock, a few crayons and a dab of glue along with a large envelope. Make several and send them to grandparents, cousins and maybe a few friends from school.

7. Enjoy a Game of Balloon Tennis

Crafts are fun, but when your cooped-up kids are bursting with untapped energy, you need an activity that will tire them out. This tutorial will show you how to craft what you need for indoor balloon tennis and how to play.

8. Play Animal Charades

When your children play animal charades, they won’t just be using their imaginations — they’ll also be working off energy. This tutorial offers helpful suggestions about how to modify the game of charades so even toddlers can play, and it offers free animal charade cards that you can download and print so that your little ones can play even if they haven’t learned to read yet.

9. Start a Band

Awaken your children’s musical talents and enjoy cute renditions of your favorite songs when you show your children how to form their own band. They’ll even have a chance to make their own instruments such as a toilet paper kazooa preschool drum and a cereal box guitar. Then, they can belt out the hits like only they know how. Enhance the experience with a few downloaded karaoke tunes, and your kids can imagine they’ve topped the charts.