7 Christmas crafts you can do with the whole family

7 Christmas crafts you can do with the whole family

If you’re hoping to take your holiday decor from average to stunning this Christmas season, we’ve got three letters for you: DIY.

By simply making a few key holiday decorations yourself, you can create a unique and festive display that’ll make your Christmas merry and bright — and save some cash to put toward the gifts under the tree. To inspire you, we’ve put together this list of our favorite do-it-yourself holiday crafts that are as fun to make as they are beautiful to look at.

Petite Tree

Brighten a corner with this Petite Tree display that’s understated yet somehow dramatic. With just a bare branch, a few Christmas tree ornaments, a sprig of rosemary and a special holiday cup, you’ll create a merry display that shows off your tasteful style with minimal expense.

Snow Globes in a Jar

A tabletop adorned with a miniature holiday landscape of handcrafted snow globes will create a magical ambiance in your home. You’ll find the bottlebrush trees and faux snow at the craft store, and you may already have a few mason jars on hand. Follow this tutorial to bring the pieces together, and be sure to make a few to give to guests as well.

Christmas Tree Mason Jar Votives

Mason jars are cheap, versatile and nostalgic, which is why we love just about any craft you can make with them. This tutorial for Mason Jar Votives is no exception. With just a few jars, acrylic paints, epsom salt and votive candles, you can create a candlelit display that’ll bring a touch of light to any table.

Salt Dough Gift Tag Ornaments

With a variety of cookie cutters, paints, a rolling pin and a simple dough recipe, you can create Salt Dough Gift Tags that double as Christmas ornaments. Just roll out the dough, cut out your designs and paint the shapes, adding messages and your own personal touch. Let your creations dry overnight, and you’ll have created something simple and unique. Be sure to get the kids involved, as this is an especially kid-friendly craft.

Recycled Magazine Christmas Trees

Your family and guests will never look at these embellished Recycled Magazine Christmas Trees and guess that you made them by hand with recycled paper! The only skills you need to create this deceptively simple project are folding and spray painting, so get the kiddos involved in this craft. The result is a vintage-looking, mini Christmas tree that can adorn your bookshelf, coffee table or anywhere that needs a little more cheer.

Cork Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you’ve got a kitchen drawer full of saved wine bottle corks, make good use of them with this tutorial for Cork Christmas Tree Ornaments. You and your children can make an ensemble of Christmas tree ornaments, such as a mini cork Christmas tree, reindeer and whatever else your imagination can dream up. The tutorial also shows how to make cork Christmas coasters, which will bring a little function to your artistic endeavor.

Crew Sock Snow People

There’s something especially delightful about super-simple craft projects that produce amazing results, like this tutorial that creates adorable little snowmen and women out of rice-stuffed crew socks. Get the family together for this easy craft, and maybe make a snow person version of each member of the family for a memory-making holiday moment.