After School Activities For Kids

After School Activities For Kids

The monotonous routine of sitting in class every day can dishearten any child. That’s where after-school activities come in. After-school activities give your children a chance to develop their imaginations, work off extra energy and discover hidden talents and new interests.

Keep your kids’ school-year boredom at bay by planning a few interactive after-school activities. Here’s a list of our favorite activities to inspire your after-school fun.

Design Your Own Comic Book

Even if your kids are just learning to read, they’ll enjoy building their own comic book. Not only can this activity help your kids develop reading skills, but it’ll also give them a better feeling about books and encourage them to read. These comic book templates, a box of crayons and a free afternoon is all it takes to get started.

Building with Sticks and Playdough

Your little ones will develop their motor skills and spatial perception with this easy and fun way to build whatever they can imagine. This project only requires craft sticks and colored modeling clay — pick up several colors at the craft store!

Start a Leaf Collection

Sycamores, pecans, willows and maples — they’re each so distinct from one another, and they can best be identified by their leaves. You’ll open your kids’ eyes up to the natural world and help them develop a scientific skillset when you help them make their own leaf collection.

Pick a park or roam your neighborhood to collect samples from a variety of trees. Place the leaves on page in a notebook, do some research online to identify them and write their names down on the pages.

Create a Chalk Art Masterpiece

Sidewalk chalk is cheap, colorful and easy for little hands to hold. Grab some from the store, find your own spot of pavement and let the creative juices flow.

Cook a Meal

Cooking is one of those life skills that everyone should learn. Your children will reap a lifetime of rewards if you plan out an easy and healthy meal for them to learn to prep. Set aside a day of the week, and let that be their day to plan, cook and present the family meal — with your help, of course!


Whether you choose to sort cans at a local food bank or walk dogs at the animal shelter, your children will learn how satisfying it can be to lend a helping hand by volunteering. Call the organization’s volunteer coordinator ahead of time to make sure there’s something suitable for your kids to do, and be ready to supervise their service.

Make a Movie

A cell phone camera is all it takes to record your children’s next independent film. Let them come up with an idea, write the script and produce their own movie magic. Then pop some popcorn and enjoy home movie night for yet another after-school session of fun.