3 Ways to Use Mother Rucker’s Cookie Brittle Crumbs in Dessert Recipes

3 Ways to Use Mother Rucker’s Cookie Brittle Crumbs in Dessert Recipes

Whoever first decided to repurpose the crumbs at the bottom of the cookie box as a dessert ingredient deserves to be written about in history books.

Sure, more noble discoveries have been made in the course of human history, but the sheer genius of using cookie crumbs to add flavor, crunch and decoration to sweet treats ranks high on our list of great innovations.

At Mother Rucker’s Sweets, we love to substitute Cookie Brittle crumbs in any recipe that calls for regular cookie crumbs. All you have to do is place a few pieces of Cookie Brittle in a plastic bag and crush them with your hands or a rolling pin. In seconds, you’ll have a bag of gourmet cookie crumbs to use in your next baking creation.

Here are a few creative, delicious ways you can use your Cookie Brittle crumbs in the kitchen.

Leftovers Dessert

For a nice treat on a hot day, this Leftovers Dessert recipe is a cool, no-bake treat you can whip up in minutes. Just imagine the combinations you can create by using Lemon Cookie Brittle or Cocoa Cookie Brittle in the cookie crumb layer.

Mint Cookie Truffles

This Mint Cookie Truffle recipe is easy to follow and takes just seven steps. We like to use one box of Mint Cookie Brittle in place of the chocolate mint cookies for a toastier treat without an overpowering chocolate flavor.

Crumb Pie Crusts

Grab plenty of boxes of Cookie Brittle to make these cookie crumb crusts. If you’re making an icebox pie this summer, a cookie crumb pie crust is the way to go. All you need is 15 minutes to make one of these never-fail crusts. Just imagine the nuanced flavors you can add to your pie by using Almond Cookie Brittle or Lemon Cookie Brittle.

Happy baking!