Planning a 4th of July Party For the Whole Family

Planning a 4th of July Party For the Whole Family

Just as the kids settle into their summer break and the weather starts heating up comes Independence Day — the perfect occasion for throwing an outdoor family-friendly party.

Because we at Mother Rucker’s Sweets are fond of all things parties, we thought we’d share a few ideas for a Fourth of July party that the whole family will enjoy.

The Location

Throwing a shindig that guests both young and old will love takes the right location. We recommend finding a place with plenty of outdoor space for adults to mingle and kids to play. If your home has a swimming pool or a large yard, then you’re all set.

If not, consider staking your claim on a pavilion at a local park. Some cities allow reservations of park areas ahead of time, and sometimes you just have to get up early, set up ahead of time and hold your place until it’s time for guests to arrive.

Public gardens, pick-your-own farms and horse ranches are also high on our list of favorite outdoor party venues because they offer activities to enjoy and often have the advantage of a staff on hand to take care of catering and clean-up.

The Food
The focus of any family-friendly fiesta is undoubtedly the food, so plan your party fare well. Make sure that you have enough to choose from so that everyone will have something to enjoy — even the vegetarians — and enough of everything to last all day.

To accommodate the widest variety of tastes, we love the idea of creating multiple food stations, like a hot dog table, a burger table and maybe a kabob table, all with plenty of topping options like those in our Unique Hot Dog Toppings post. Anyone up for a Tropical Island Dog?

Your drink station should include all the favorites: soda, tea, punch and plenty of water to help with the heat.

And what outdoor party would be complete without a frozen treat? Take your ice cream bar up a notch by decking out a toppings table with nuts, hot fudge, fruit toppings and a spread of Cookie Brittle all crumbled up and ready to sprinkle on your sundae.

The Fun

Whether your party is set to last for just a few hours or is an all-day affair, you’ll want to make sure that there are plenty of fun things to do. And to us, it’s just not an Independence Day party without several rounds of the game of horseshoes.

If your crowd is large enough, another idea is having a potato sack race. Limbo is always fun, as well as Frisbee golf. Keeping a few bottles of bubbles on hand will give the littlest ones something fun to do, too.

What did we miss? Share your tips for throwing the ideal family-friendly Fourth of July party.