Planning the Perfect Father’s Day

Planning the Perfect Father’s Day

Compared to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is a breeze. It never really sneaks up on you or sparks a frantic search for the perfect gift, and dads just seem so easy to please.

But every once in a while, planning something extra-special can show Dad just how much you truly appreciate all he’s done for you. Because we’re in the business of making life sweet, wholesome and full of happiness, we at Mother Rucker’s Sweets thought we’d share our ideas for planning the perfect Father’s Day.

It’s All About Time

No gift you can buy will ever match the value of simply spending a little Dad-centric time with your father. For children, this means not dining out at the restaurant they want to go to or going to the movie they want to see — it’s all about what dad wants.

For adults, it’s about making time in your schedule to visit Dad, whether you’re close by or halfway across the country, or at least planning for a good, long phone call or Skype session if travel can’t be arranged.

Giving the gift of your time, with all attention focused on Dad and what he wants to do or talk about, sets the stage for a Father’s Day memory that everyone will treasure as the years go by.

Going Places

Although dads can seem easy to please, they can be difficult to buy for. You might think you’re gifting Dad the perfect razor, but maybe he’s fond of his old standby. And he doesn’t really need yet another gadget that will just get dusty on the shelf.

That’s why we think that the gift of experiences is the best thing to give. Consider:

  • A trip to an amusement park: Take the whole family out for a day of fun at the local amusement park or water park.
  • A beer or wine tasting: For adult children, taking dad out to a nearby beer or wine tasting offers plenty of time to talk, laugh and enjoy the day.
  • Head to the stadium: If the team is playing at home, buy tickets to the ball game and treat Dad to all the concessions he wants.
  • Barbecue at the park: Pack up the portable grill and make a day of it with the whole family at a local park, or maybe even a national park if you can manage a weekend getaway.
  • A day of museums: Maybe your dad’s an art lover or a science geek. Head out together on a trip to take in all the that your local museums have to offer.

A Gift Dad Can Use

Once you give the gift of time and attention on Father’s Day, get Dad something he’ll really appreciate — food!

If your dad’s a cookie lover, gift him some Chocolate Chippies and Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies from Mother Rucker’s Sweets. Some dads may love craft beer, a fine wine or a gourmet barbecue sauce gift pack. Whatever you choose, you’re Dad is sure to be thrilled.