7 Creative Summer Activities For Kids

7 Creative Summer Activities For Kids

School’s out, the days are long, and your kids are ready to make each day of their summer break count. But keeping them from vegging out in front of the TV all summer can take a little effort.

Being in the business of making life joyful, we at Mother Rucker’s Sweets thought we’d share some fun activities for kids that will keep your little ones active and engaged all summer long.

DIY Pool Noodle Sprinkler

What good is summer without plenty of water activities? Even just turning on the spigot and drenching yourself under a garden hose can be fun, so imagine the thrill your kids and their friends will get when they make their own DIY garden sprinkler.This tutorial will show you how using just a pool noodle and several things you’ve likely got lying around the house.

Paint Treasure Rocks

Part of the fun of making painted treasure rocks is the process. First, there’s the time spent scouting for the right rocks. Then there’s the trip to the craft store to pick out your favorite paint colors, and then there’s the painting itself. This tutorial will guide you through the steps that’ll have your little painters creating their own summertime keepsakes with ease.

Make a Butterfly Feeder

School may be out, but your kids can learn something new and have fun doing it when they make this easy butterfly feeder using string, a paper plate and whatever overripe fruit you have in the kitchen. It can take a while for the butterflies to find their buffet, but once they do, you can see who comes for dinner and enjoy the mystery-solving process of identifying the species of your flying guests.

Build a Sponge Sailboat

When it’s summertime, any activity that involves water seems extra fun. Your little ones will feel proud of their accomplishments and enjoy sailing their little sponge sailboats out on the water when you follow this easy tutorial. These are especially exciting to race on a breezy day.

Pop a Water Balloon Piñata

As far as summertime activities go, this one is about as easy as they come. If you’ve got a clothesline or somewhere you can string a long line, all you have to do is have your little ones fill balloons with water, hang them up on the line and enjoy popping them overhead. You can add to the enjoyment when you follow this tutorial and decorate the balloons with markers.

Create a Leaf Rubbing Collage

Blending art with a little science, this tutorial on making a leaf rubbing collage produces beautiful results that you’ll want to hang up on the fridge door. Head out to the park, walk through the neighborhood or look around anywhere you can find big, broad leaves as specimens. Collect several and head back home to begin the artistic process.

Capture a Rainbow in a Jar

This simple science experiment will even appeal to grown-ups — it’s that intriguing! With just a few common household products, your kids will be making a liquid rainbow in a jar. Each colorful layer stays separate from the rest, and the result is as fascinating as it is pretty.