5 Cherry Recipes to Try This Month

5 Cherry Recipes to Try This Month

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Cherries have been a part of America’s heritage ever since George Washington chopped down the cherry tree. Maybe that’s why we celebrate National Cherry Month in February — the month of Presidents Day and Washington’s birthday — instead of in mid-summer, when cherries are in season.

Whatever the reason, we’re taking this opportunity to share our favorite cherry recipes that are super-sweet, a little bit tart and packed with all the flavor this pretty red fruit has to offer.

Dried cherries

Dried cherries make for an excellent healthy snack to munch on between meals, especially when you make them yourself without all the extra added sugar. Cherries pack a healthy dose of vitamins A and C, dietary fiber, copper and potassium, so keeping them on hand is a good way to quell your hunger pangs. This recipe will show you how to make your own dried cherries that will keep for up to a year — no dehydrator required.

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Brownie Bombs

You’ll be blown away by how easy these fancy-looking treats are to make. All you need is a can of cherries, a box of brownie mix, some cake frosting and chocolate chips to bake up this bite-size gourmet indulgence that just begs to be enjoyed after dinner with a cup of coffee.

Chocolate Cherry Cupcakes

If you love chocolate-covered cherries, look no further. This recipe for chocolate cherry cupcakes are sure to cure your cravings. Moist chocolate cupcakes are stuffed with cherry preserves and topped with with cherry buttercream frosting and a fresh chocolate-covered cherry.

Rustic Cherry Tarts

Everyone loves cherry pie, but making it from scratch can feel daunting. That’s where this simple recipe for rustic cherry tarts comes in. The recipe makes four 6-inch tarts, so you’ll want to double up the recipe if you’ve got several hungry mouths to feed — or a huge hankering for cherries.

Sour Cherry Sorbet

From the food processor to the freezer, this recipe for sour cherry sorbet takes just two steps. It combines fresh cherries, white wine and sugar to create a frozen confection that we love to pair with our own Cherry Almond Sugar Gems.