How to Gift our Cookie Brittle to Every Type of Friend

How to Gift our Cookie Brittle to Every Type of Friend


Looking for the perfect gift to send a friend who needs a pick-me-up or a reminder of how much you appreciate them? Look no further than a Cookie Brittle Collection from Mother Rucker’s Sweets.

Our Cookie Brittle is sweet, crisp and made from scratch with wholesome ingredients. It makes the perfect post-meal sugar rush or accompaniment to a cup of coffee. Each one of your friends plays a different role in your life, so it’s only natural to gift each one with a different type of Cookie Brittle. Here’s our inside scoop on how to choose the right cookie brittle for every kind of friend.

The New Friend

Maybe you’ve just started chatting with a new coworker or met a fellow parent at the PTA and you’re looking to move things into the friend zone. Our Classic Cookie Brittle Collection is a variety pack that’s sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of any new acquaintance. With Lemon Cookie Brittle, Almond and Cinnamon Cookie Brittle, your gift will endear you to any new friend you meet.

The Confidante

Everyone has that one special friend who’s there to lend an ear no matter what. Give them a treat that’s just as sweet as the conversations you share with our Cocoa Cookie Brittle Collection. Made with natural cocoa, real butter and just a touch of vanilla, a box of Cocoa Cookie Brittle is a gift that says, “Let’s meet up. I’ve got something to tell you.”

The Inspiring Artist

You may not see your inspiring artist friend often, but when you do, you feel uplifted, motivated and refreshed. It’s only natural that you’d give them the cool, buttery mint goodness of our Mint Cookie Brittle Collection, made with refreshing peppermint and the wholesome flavor of real butter. It’s an honest flavor for a friend who’s a breath of fresh air.

The Reliable Friend

This is the friend you know you can always call on in an emergency and who always seems to know when you need some company. Give them our Lemon Cookie Brittle Gift Collection — it’s sweet, buttery and lemony, and it’s a fitting token of your love and appreciation.

The Neighbor Friend


You’d have little in common with your friend down the street if you didn’t live in the same neighborhood. But when you’re out of town, they watch the house and pick up your mail. If you need someone to check on the dog while you’re stuck in traffic, they’re on it. It’s nice to have good neighbors, and a gift of our Cinnamon Cookie Brittle will let them know you’re thankful for everything they do.

The Childhood Friend

You’ve made plenty of new friends lately, but there’s something golden about that old friend from your school days. Your childhood friend is special, and a gift of our Cookie Brittle Collection Special Offer offers flavors they can enjoy with their whole family. This collection includes our Mint, Cocoa, Almond, Lemon and Cinnamon Brittles to let your oldest friend know you’re best buds for life.