Our 5 Favorite Pinterest Bakers to Follow

Our 5 Favorite Pinterest Bakers to Follow

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If you’re the kind of person who’d rather stay home and bake than go out, we know just how you feel. At Mother Rucker’s Sweets, we’re passionate about bake delicious sweets made of wholesome ingredients and sharing them with the world.

When we’re off the clock, we love to browse Pinterest for new recipes and ideas for developing our baking skills. Over the years, we’ve built up a list of our favorite bakers we’ve found on Pinterest. If you’re looking for some kitchen inspiration, give these baking bloggers a visit!

The Baking Bird

Kylie of The Baking Bird is a dental hygienist by day and a lover of baked goods by night. She’s developed quite a Pinterest following among those looking to share her secrets for making sweet and moist Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Buns or a tart St. Germain and Lemon Bundt Cake. We especially love how Kylie incorporates interesting new flavors into her treats, such as the floral essence in her Apricot Walnut and Lavender Cake.

Mom Loves Baking

Lise of Mom Loves Baking makes extraordinary baking projects accessible to even the most inexperienced baker. Lise offers beautiful, step-by-step photos in all of her recipes and tutorials, such as those for German Chocolate Donuts and adorable Kitty Cat Moon Pies.

Heart of a Baker

Abby of Heart of a Baker specializes in low-allergen, dairy-free and egg-free sweets that are every bit as creamy, moist and delicious as their conventional counterparts. We love Abby’s recipe for Pumpkin Vegan Sticky Buns with Vanilla Bean Frosting because it uses real, wholesome ingredients, such as maple syrup, pumpkin puree and whole wheat flour. If you’re looking for a break from the sweets, Abby’s Everything Soft Pretzel Knots are fluffy on the inside and chewy on the outside.

She Who Bakes

Britt of She Who Bakes is a self-taught baker specializing in recipes that call for your favorite candies and chocolate bars. Her Ferrero Rocher Cake ratchets up the hazelnut and chocolate indulgence to new heights, while her Lindt Lindor Shortbread Bars use this easy-to-find candy in a simple, four-ingredient recipe. The She Who Bakes blog is helpful for novices who want to jump right into making impressive sweets that don’t take years of training to perfect.

Sprinkle Bakes

Bringing her background in art into the kitchen, professional pastry chef Heather Baird of Sprinkle Bakes shows her readers how to craft ingredients into baked goods that might be mistaken for works of art. For Heather, presentation is as important as flavor, which is evident in her tutorial for DIY Packaged Baked Goods. Plain old vanilla even gets a makeover in Heather’s recipe for Tropical Vanilla Sunset Cupcakes, which uses a special blend of citrus to flavor the cake and even color the white paper baking cups. You’ll find that Sprinkle Bakes is full of inspiration for bakers of every skill level.

Happy baking!