Creative Halloween Desserts Using Mother Rucker’s Sweets

Creative Halloween Desserts Using Mother Rucker’s Sweets

We love Halloween candy as much as anybody, but we admit we’re more partial to baked Halloween treats than mini-candy bars or lollipops.

Whether you’ve been tasked with bringing goodies to your child’s school party or you’re just looking to hand out something extra-special to your trick-or-treaters, stock up on some Mother Rucker’s Sweets and whip up these Halloween treats that are as delicious as they are creative.

Creepy cookie creatures

Creepify a box of your favorite Cookie Brittle in less than five minutes with edible googly eyes, which are available at most craft stores and can transform already-extraordinary baked goods into a fun Halloween treat. Add them to our Chocolate Chippies and Sugar Gems, too.

If you want to get even more creative, you can make your own edible googly eyes by following this recipe and using red food coloring to make them look creepy and bloodshot.

Slimy sweets

All it takes to make our Brownies, Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies or Cocoa Cookie Brittles a little bit spookier is dipping them in edible green “slime.” Just add a little neon green food coloring to a white chocolate ganache recipe, and you’ll have a disgustingly delicious platter of Halloween treats in no time.

Monster mouths

Bring together red icing, candy corn and our Drop Cookies to make some cute monster mouths. Simply form red lips on the cookies with icing and add the candy corn as teeth, and you’ve just finished an easy batch of spooky sweets.

Cookie sandwiches

Take your favorite Mother Rucker’s cookies, add a layer of blood-red, slime-green or pumpkin-orange frosting, and top it off with another cookie so that the frosting oozes out on all sides. Then roll the edges in orange and brown cookie sprinkles or candy corn for a tray of festive cookie sandwiches perfect for a party.

Happy Halloween!