Punch Up Your Favorite Pie Recipe with a Cookie Brittle Crust

Punch Up Your Favorite Pie Recipe with a Cookie Brittle Crust

Mother Rucker's Brittle Flavors


The best pie crusts are sweet, buttery and scrumptious — which also happens to describe Mother Rucker’s Sweets’ line of famous cookie brittle. Baked from scratch with honest, simple ingredients, they’re delectable right out of the box and decadent when used as pie crust.

Crumble them up and layer the crumbs on the bottom of your pie dish before adding the filling for a simple no-bake pie crust. Or, work them into your favorite cookie pie crust recipe. Either way, you’re going to take your homemade pies to a whole new level of flavor and texture with our brittle gems.

Here are a few combos you might like to try:

Almond Cookie Brittle Crust

The sweet, buttery and nutty flavor of our Almond Cookie Brittle makes a wholesome foundation for summer fruit pies. An Almond Brittle crust enhances the smooth flavor of apple pie, and it scales back the tartness of cherry pie just a tad. Try Almond Brittle with apricot, peach and even chocolate for a subtle yet distinguishable difference in flavor that will have everyone asking for another slice.

Cocoa Cookie Brittle Crust

Inspired by a family recipe, our Cocoa Cookie Brittle is made with natural cocoa powder, real butter and a touch of vanilla. It makes for a cookie pie crust that doubles up the rich, chocolatey goodness of a chocolate cream pie, enhances the sweetness of a lemon cream pie and makes a caramel pie a thing of perfection.

Cinnamon Cookie Brittle Crust
The spicy, sweet and aromatic qualities of our Cinnamon Cookie Brittle pair well with a variety of pie fillings and makes them feel a little festive, especially during the holiday season. Cinnamon Cookie Brittle is a natural complement to a chocolate cream filling, and it makes for a mean apple pie crust, too. But the ultimate flavor combo is pumpkin pie with a spicy cinnamon crust for Thanksgiving.

Lemon Cookie Brittle Crust
Our Lemon Cookie Brittle is both sweet and buttery, with just a hint of tartness. It makes a perfect crust for coconut cream pie, blackberry pie and raspberry pie, as well as any other berry pie you can imagine.

Mint Cookie Brittle Crust
The cool, refreshing flavor of natural peppermint tempered with real butter in our Mint Cookie Brittle rescues vanilla cream pie from the verge of banality. It gussies up a chocolate cream pie too, making it a sweet variation on your double chocolate cream pie (see above). For mint pie with chocolate chips, a Mint Cookie Brittle pie crust is a given, especially combined with a little Cocoa Cookie Brittle in the crust.


Happy baking!