How To Have A Summer Snowball Fight

How To Have A Summer Snowball Fight

Summer Fun for Kids


When the sweltering heat outside means the kids are stuck inside with nothing to do, it’s time for a snowball fight. Yep, you heard us right — a summertime snowball fight!

All it takes to stage a frosty snowball fight in the heat of summer is a handful of ingredients from the dollar store and a little imagination. We’ll tell you how it’s done.

What you’ll need:

  • Two 16-oz. boxes of cornstarch
  • A can or two of shaving cream
  • A large plastic tub for mixing


Empty the cornstarch into the mixing tub, and then add in the whole can of shaving cream. Your kids can mix the ingredients with their hands while you spray the shaving cream into the tub.

Once the ingredients are thoroughly combined, mold the mix into fist-sized balls, place them on the lid of the plastic tub and set them in the fridge for a few minutes to cool. Do not freeze the snowballs, or they’ll harden and may cause injury. Make several batches so you’ll have plenty of snowy balls to toss.

Once your “snowballs” are cool and snowy-looking, let your kids have at it. When all of the snowballs are gone, turn on the water hose and clean off the snowy mix.

Take it from us: you’ll want to take this entire process, from the mixing to the fight itself, outdoors. If your children are very young, help them understand that this mix is not edible, and watch to make sure they don’t eat it. You can use swim goggles to keep the snow mix out of their eyes.