8 Ways to Have Some Leprechaun Fun on St. Patrick’s Day

8 Ways to Have Some Leprechaun Fun on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up, and with it comes a chance to make some memories. At Mother Rucker’s Sweets, we’re all about having fun and enjoying life, so we thought we’d share a few ideas for bringing your kids into the holiday celebration. After you’ve pinched everyone who’s not wearing green, gather up some materials and get started on one (or more!) of these fun, kid-friendly St. Paddy’s Day activities.

Build a leprechaun trap

We all know from coloring books and TV what a leprechaun looks like, all decked out in a green suit with a green shamrock on his hat. But, what if we could actually see one in person? To do that, you’ll have to outsmart one and catch him with a leprechaun trap. This crafty tutorial shows you how to make a beautiful rainbow popsicle contraption to catch your own unwary specimen. And just in case your trap ends up empty by the end of the holiday, it also makes for a snazzy keepsake box as a sort of consolation prize. For a little more added fun with the littlest youngsters, leave leprechaun footprints around the house to show how close they got to trapping one.

Share the wealth
We all know how much leprechauns love gold, so decorating up and passing out “gold” coins is a fun way to acquaint your little ones with the joy of giving. Follow this tutorial to dress up shiny new pennies and have kids pass them out at school, to neighbors and everyone they meet to spread some cheer.

Make a rainbow

DanielleHunter GlueDots StPatricksDay Rainbow Craft
You can’t find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow without a rainbow. Follow these easy instructions to make your own out of colored paper.

Don’t forget the pot of gold

Once you’ve got your very own rainbow, wouldn’t it be nice to find a real pot of gold at the end? This craft project gives you and your kiddos a chance to turn a plain terra cotta pot, gold glitter and Rolo candies candy into a real-life pot of gold.

Dress the part
Get your phone ready to snap some cute pics of your kids once they finish this quick and easy project for dressing up like a leprechaun. Tip: Step up on a stepladder and take your pictures from overhead a little to create the illusion that your little ones are even tinier — like a leprechaun.

Make St. Paddy’s Day desserts
Give them a place in the kitchen, and kids love cooking up something fun and new. Help them with this recipe for Easy Peasy St. Patrick’s Day Dessert, which brings green Jello, whipped cream and rainbow marshmallows together to make a special treat.

Build paper shamrocks
A few sheets of construction paper, string and careful cutting skills is all your children need to make these pretty paper shamrocks.

St Patrick’s Day scavenger hunt
Invite a few of your children’s friends over for a mischievous after-school scavenger hunt to celebrate the luck o’ the Irish. It’s like an Easter Egg hunt but with St. Patrick’s Day items, like a gold coin, a green pen, a potato — you get the idea. This printable guide and a few well-hidden items is all you need.

Top o’ the mornin’ to ya!