Beautiful Centerpieces for Your Thanksgiving Table

Beautiful Centerpieces for Your Thanksgiving Table

We all know that the food is the main attraction at any Thanksgiving feast. But as you’re preparing for the holiday this year, don’t overlook the dining table centerpiece. Serious or whimsical, ornate or simple, your centerpiece is a chance to create something beautiful for your guests.

Here are a few Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Make It Floral
You can’t go wrong with fall foliage. A simple vase with fresh-cut orange, crimson and yellow flowers (such as roses, mums and sunflowers) suggest an autumnal mood. Surround the vase with pinecones, and you’ve created a simple but elegant centerpiece.

You can go a step further by cutting the top third off an ornamental pumpkin, cleaning out the inside and using it as the vase for your fall flowers. Make sure to fill it out with enough flowers to cover the top well. The end result should be a beautifully rounded top of densely arranged flowers.

Gourdgeous Gourds If you have a serving platter, an antique sewing machine drawer or a large basket, fill it with a variety of ornamental gourds for one of the easiest Thanksgiving table centerpieces you could imagine. Look for small pumpkins at garden centers and grocery stores—both orange and white ones are available—and add a few winter squashes to the mix. Canning jars with candles inside complete the look. Or choose three stately gourds—either all pumpkins or one each of a variety of ornamental gourds—and place them side by side on a bed of fall foliage, with nuts and small pine cones scattered on on the bed of leaves. Pinterest

A Bundle of Wheat
For an elegant, five-minute centerpiece, tie an earth-toned ribbon or some rustic twine around a large bundle of wheat stalks and lay the bundle on a dark wooden tray or a cutting board. Candles (alone or in large candlesticks) enhance the look. Optionally, you can arrange the wheat stalks in a large porcelain vase.


A Fall Harvest
Antique servingware filled with raw fall fruits and veggies is another centerpiece idea that’s affordable and easy, but creates a beautiful effect. Choose in-season fruits and veggies such as such as grapes, apples, pears and squash, along with whole, in-shell nuts like pecans, walnuts and hazelnuts to create this look.

A Thankfulness Jar

Thankfulness jars are a great craft project for kids, but they’re striking enough to take center stage on your Thanksgiving table. Simply take a large canning jar, fill it with flat glass florist’s marbles, popcorn or nuts to serve as the base. Then, cut small shapes about the size of a gift tag out of craft paper. On each shape, write the things your family is thankful for—one or two words per shape. Affix these to sticks gathered from outside. Then, place each stick into the base so that it stands up and above the top of the jar to display your family’s unique reasons to be happy on this holiday of gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving!