Host a Family Cookie Decorating Party

Host a Family Cookie Decorating Party

Host a Cookie Decorating Party (2)On those quiet weekend afternoons when you need a fun activity to occupy the kids, why not throw them a cookie decorating party? It’s a chance to let their creative juices flow, make something sweet to eat and build family memories all at once. All it takes is a little prep and the right supplies.

The Cookie
You’ll need plenty of large, flat cookies to serve as your cookie canvas. Before the party begins, you can whip up a batch of cookies from a good sugar cookie recipe. Sugar cookie dough from the grocery store works just as well. While you’re at it, pick up a few cookie cutters in fun shapes and make cookie hearts, stars, animals, cars, people and other shapes perfect for decorating.

Alternatively, you can skip the hassle of making your own cookies and get right to the decorating by picking up a few boxes of Mother Rucker’s Sweets’ Cookie Brittle, which are delicious, flat and perfect for decorating.

The Decorations
Go easy on yourself and skip the piping bags and other decorating contraptions. Instead buy an assortment of pre-made cookie decorating icings that are packaged in their own dispensers. These are available in the baking aisle at just about any grocery store and can help even the youngest bakers have a good time with less mess. Colored sugars and sprinkles in different shapes round out your supply list. Buy plenty—they’re too fun to skimp on.

The Technique

Your little baker is most likely going to burn through a half-dozen or so cookies before getting his or her decorating technique down. For young children, this is a learn-by-example sort of lesson, so show them how to squeeze icing bags gently to start a bead, and how to slowly move the dispensing tip along to create an outline.

Help them learn the art of sprinkling too—you can always add more sprinkles, but it’s harder to take off too many. Also, it helps to research a few cookie decorating ideas ahead of time so you’ll be able to guide your little bakers along the way.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun!

Remember that the whole point of decorating cookies is to have a good time with the kids. There will be mistakes and a huge mess to clean up, and many cookies will probably never even make it to the decorating stage because they just look too tasty to wait. That’s just a part of the fun, so embrace it!