Make the First Day of School Extra-Special For your Kids

Make the First Day of School Extra-Special For your Kids

31840990_mNo matter excited your child is to see their friends again or meet new teachers, the first day back to school can always cause a little anxiety. But with a few tips and some creative planning, you can dispel those first-day jitters and make your child’s return to school pleasant for both of you. Here are a few of our favorite ways to make that first day back to school a little more special.

The Wake-up
Make time in your busy morning routine to prepare a nutritious, protein-packed breakfast for your kids for their first day back. Have the whole family sit down and eat together for a comfortable, unhurried morning meal with good conversation. Talk about the positive things about going back to school and ask questions that will get your little scholar excited about the big day ahead.

Packing Lunch
Make lunch a special one for the first day back to school. Include a few of your child’s favorite foods, and sneak in a good old-fashioned note that says something comforting, but not too sappy—you don’t want to embarrass your kids on their first day back, after all. If you’ve got young children, you might include a picture of the family pet with a funny note from him, too.

Of course, any kid would love to find a Chocolate Chippie or a Deluxe Chocolate Brownie in his or her lunch box, so line up that little surprise now by ordering some ahead of time.

The Pickup
The first day back to school can seem like the longest day of the year, but if your kiddo knows they’ve got something special to look forward to, you can make it all worth the wait. Consider taking your kid to his or her favorite restaurant or store after pickup time. Stop for an ice cream, enjoy a little time at the park or take in an early movie. You could also just head home, enjoy a special after-school snack together and ask questions about his or her day.

With a little planning and creativity, you can help your child avoid the first-day blues and set the tone for a fun, productive school year.