Our Favorite Dark Chocolate Recipes

Our Favorite Dark Chocolate Recipes

36673174_mFor some people, just one mention of the word chocolate can make the cravings set in. The reason chocolate can be so addictive has a lot to do with the effect it has on our bodies when we eat it.

Eating chocolate actually stimulates the release of endorphins, which are natural hormones associated with feelings of health and well-being. The tryptophan in chocolate is also necessary for our bodies to make serotonin, which gives us a feeling of happiness. As if that weren’t enough, chocolate also contains anandamide, a natural stimulant that energizes the body.

Dark chocolate contains the highest levels of these substances, so it’s no surprise that many of us often feel the urge sit back with a 80% cocoa chocolate bar.

There’s more than one way to indulge in dark chocolate, however. Here are our top five favorite recipes for satisfying our dark chocolate cravings.

1. Dark Chocolate Cherry Brownies
Brownies need no introduction. You know what they are and you know you love them. This recipe for Dark Chocolate and Cherry Brownies will fulfill your chocolate desires and takes just three easy steps to make.

2. Creamy Dark Chocolate Pudding
Cool, creamy and delicious, this cholesterol-free recipe for Dark Chocolate Pudding gets an extra kick from coffee. Try it with regular instant coffee for a midday pick-me-up. This is another easy one to make for dessert after dinner tonight.

3. Twilight Dark Chocolate Truffles
Those watching their diets may want to avoid these Twilight Dark Chocolate Truffles. With heavy cream, butter and chocolate as the main ingredients, they’re perfect for a special once-in-a-while treat. But because the truffles’ flavor is intensified with the addition of instant espresso, we think this sweet is worth it every now and then. They’re also a cinch to make, and are especially good for parties and coffee meet-ups.

4. Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas
What’s better for beating the heat than something that’s both nutritious and chocolatey? These Chocolate-Covered Frozen Bananas provide just enough chocolate to satisfy your urge without the splurge. Kids love making them, so try these as a fun project before back to school.

5. Foolproof Dark Chocolate Fudge
Homemade fudge has slipped off the radar in most kitchens these days, which is a shame, because it’s delicious and not too difficult to make. This recipe for Foolproof Dark Chocolate Fudge gets a lot of the fudge-making pitfalls out of the way, so you’re sure to enjoy what you cook up. It’s got just four ingredients and takes a short 15 minutes to whip up. You’ll be tempted to down the whole thing in one sitting, so get ready to exercise some self-control.