Tips for Hosting Your Child’s First Sleepover

Tips for Hosting Your Child’s First Sleepover

9663390_mSo, you’ve finally agreed to let your child host their first sleepover. What could possibly go wrong with a half-dozen or more children all ready to make your whole house into their new playroom, right? But, as a few seasoned parents at Mother Rucker’s Sweets can attest, it can be pulled off without a hitch with just a little planning. Here’s our advice for hosting your child’s first sleepover party.

Limit Who’s Coming Over
Sure, if your kids had it their way, you’d be hosting their entire fifth-grade class. But every child you invite is just one more you’re responsible for. Keep the number of children limited to just a few good buddies. Make sure you know their parents, or get acquainted with them ahead of time. Even better, keep it limited to those kids who’ve come over before and gotten along just fine.

Choose Your Team
With a large group of kids over, your house can become a battleground for kids versus everyone else. Make sure that you have a team in place to help to keep order. Your spouse, older siblings, aunts, uncles or grandparents—anyone who’s good with kids and can help feed, entertain and clean up make good choices.

Protect Valuables and Remove Hazards
No matter the age of the children, somehow anything fragile and valuable that’s left out and unprotected will certainly be broken. Sort through your house and make sure you’ve put away all your delicate artwork, family heirlooms and anything else that’s irreplaceable. The same goes for power tools, household cleaners or and potential hazards of any kind.

Start the Night with the Rules
Before the sleepover guests make up their own idea of what they can get away with, set out some ground rules. Gather everyone together let them know what’s off limits. Make sure everyone is on the same page about how other guests should be treated, and let them know that no one leaves the house without permission from you. Tell them when bedtime is, and make sure that everyone knows to come to you if arguments or bullying occurs. Make it clear that everyone is to respect everyone else—nothing ruins a sleepover like a fight.

Accommodations Are Key
One thing about kids is that if they’re left with nothing to do, they’ll find something to do—and that may not always be in your best interest if you’re trying to keep your house in order during a sleepover. Make sure to keep plenty of fun foods, video games, movies and activities ready, and the night will be over and everyone will be ready for bedtime in no time.

For snacks and special rewards, try keeping plenty of Mother Rucker’s Sweets Chocolate ChippiesDeluxe Chocolate Brownies and Blondies on hand, plus any options for children with special diets or food allergies.

Sleepovers are easier to pull off successfully if you have a plan for the night in mind. Start the night with a fun activity, such as a scavenger hunt. Beauty makeovers are always popular among girls, and boys might enjoy a sports theme. Movie nights, video game tournaments and karaoke have universal appeal.

Set a Pickup Time
After the kids have slept, they’ll wake up ready to make your home the definition of bedlam. You can avoid this by allotting just enough time for a quick breakfast followed by a scheduled parent pickup time. Experience shows that sleepy sleepover guests are most vulnerable to tension, homesickness and grumpiness too, so make the morning a short one.


Have fun!