Creative Crafts to Keep your Kids Busy This Summer

Creative Crafts to Keep your Kids Busy This Summer

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With summer in full swing, your kids are sure to have a lot of time on their hands—too much time. One of our favorite summertime activities for keeping the kiddos occupied is a weekly craft project. The right project can expand your child’s mind and develop his or her talents. Crafting can also introduce your child to new lifelong skills, so don’t let this summer go by without giving one a whirl.

To help stoke your creativity, here’s a list of our favorite fun and easy summertime crafts.

1. Make your own ice cream. Ice cream rarely tastes better than it does when it’s homemade. Mixing up the ingredients, filling the ice bucket and cranking the handle to turn the liquid mix into pure, creamy ice cream is a summertime memory that every child should have. This is a project for a lazy afternoon when you have plenty of time, but this homemade ice cream recipe makes it easy.

2. Go fly a kite. Making a kite has two payoffs: first, there’s the fun of making something out of wooden dowels, paper, plastic, glue and string. Then there’s the trip to the park to give it a try. This guide to making a simple kite will get you started.

3. Tie-dye a few tees. Tie-dyed T-shirts became popular during the baby boomer generation, but they still hold plenty of fun for kids today. They’re colorful and a blast to make. Plus, once you buy the dyes, you’ve probably already got the other materials lying around the house. Check out this tutorial to get started.

4. Design your own jewelry. From making bead bracelets out of twine and beads to creating ornate pieces with wire and needle-nose pliers, learning to make jewelry develops dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Oh, and there’s the fun of having a one-of-a-kind ring or charm to show off. This list of camp jewelry projects is full of ideas—we especially love the bracelet made out of a toothbrush.

5. Grow a potted herb garden. Kids love watching plants grow, and they’ll especially love growing plants that can be used in the kitchen. Try helping your kids plant their own potted herb garden with cilantro for tacos, basil for pizza and rosemary for potatoes. You’ll only need a few clay pots, markers, seeds or seedlings and potting soil. Follow this guide, and your kids will be planting in no time.

6. Paint some cookies. If you’ve got younger children, your craft needs to be easy to complete in a short session. This cookie painting idea fits the bill perfectly, and your little ones will be proud of the pretty, edible art they’ll create. Maybe they’ll master the skill and work for Mother Rucker’s one day!

7. Scrapbooks for everyone. Social media is great for sharing memories, but scrapbooks are more tangible and customizable. Take plenty of photos and collect movie tickets, museum programs and other mementos from this summer break and add them to a summertime scrapbook you’ll treasure for years to come. It’s easy when you follow a good children’s scrapbooking tutorial.

8. Create your own sidewalk chalk masterpiece. Buy a good variety of sidewalk chalk, find an open stretch of concrete and let the creative juices flow—no tutorial needed! Tip: soaking your chalk in water for about ten minutes makes for more vivid color.

9. DIY lava lamps. Take a few supplies you’ve probably got around the house, mix them up and you’ve made a DIY lava lamp! It’s a decoration and a science experiment all in one. Follow this video tutorial, and maybe you’ll even want one for yourself.

10. Build a kid-friendly terrarium. Learning how to keep plants alive and healthy is rewarding and educational for kids. Use these tips to get your hands dirty this summer and build a terrarium as a family!