Fresh Summer Fruit Recipes We Love

Fresh Summer Fruit Recipes We Love

Fresh Summer RecipesSummer cuisine is all about the juicy, colorful fruits that are in season this time of year—we’re talking melons, Texas-grown peaches, cherries, berries and even the heirloom tomatoes cropping up at your local farmers market. Here are the summertime fruits we Mother Rucker’s Sweets are on the lookout for at the farmers market this summer and how we plan to use them:


Melons—especially watermelon—practically symbolize summertime. Sitting down to a big slice of watermelon—with or without a fork—is unquestionably the most popular way to enjoy this fruit. But while you’re at it, try out this refreshing recipe for watermelon and feta salad with spinach and arugula. It’ll give you a whole new outlook on watermelon. 

We’re also looking forward to making several batches of our all-time favorite summer drink that’s guaranteed to slake any thirst: watermelon aqua fresca! This recipe is a good place to start, but if you search around the web, you can find other recipes that take this classic into new territory with ginger, citrus fruits and liquors.

It takes some prep time, but if you’ve got a long, lazy weekend ahead, put this cantaloupe ice cream on your agenda. The payoff is well worth the effort.

Tree Fruits
Tender, plump, juicy and sweeter than candy—that’s how we’d describe a tree-ripened, Texas-grown peach. We enjoy them as-is, or as an ingredient in a no-cook dessert than helps us keep our cool in the hot weather.

This recipe for peach trifle is exactly the kind of summertime dessert we enjoy after a day of yard work or for taking to a Texas Rangers game day tailgate party. The yogurt tempers the slightly tart peaches, and the angel food cake becomes even tastier after it soaks up all the fruit juice.

While you’re looking for summer fruit, remember that the best mangoes are the ones you’ll find right now, May through July. When you’re ready to indulge in this creamy-sweet mango yogurt white rum smoothie, nothing else will do. We also enjoy mango at dinner time, in concoctions like this recipe for mango salsa.

Also, be on the look out for plump, Texas-grown plums. Get a basketful for this almond-plum tart recipe that’s intoxicatingly simple.

Vine-Ripe Tomatoes
Of course, not all summer fruit is relished for its sweetness. Our top summertime farmers market pick has to be the vine-ripe tomatoes that seem almost ready to burst through their skin with flavor this time of year. Choose good slicers like Beefsteak for a gourmet sandwich, fragile heirlooms for a salad, cherry tomatoes to pop into a pita and Romas for all your Italian sauces—don’t forget the fresh basil, while you’re at it. 

Rebecca Miller’s pasta with ricotta and heirloom tomatoes recipe is one we can’t wait to try out for a meal. The same goes for this recipe for mussels with tomatoes and olives—we have a feeling we’ll be making these two dinners over and over this summer. 

June Strawberries
Believe it or not, there are actually three types of strawberries, and June-bearing strawberries yield all their fruit right at the beginning of summer. Farmers have to sell out their harvest right away, which means cheap, fresh strawberries for shoppers raring to make these Strawberry Parfaits for their next get-together. Strawberries are also freezer-friendly additions to fruit smoothies, cakes and desserts of all kinds, so stock up now while they’re in season!