How to Keep Your Treats Cool at Your Next Outdoor Bash

How to Keep Your Treats Cool at Your Next Outdoor Bash

Summer Party

Our fresh-baked Chocolate ChippiesBrownies and Cookie Brittles are made of wholesome ingredients—that’s why they taste so good and satisfy your sweet tooth the way they do. But that’s also why, like any treat you plan to enjoy in the heat, they could use a little TLC when they’re served up at outdoor summertime parties.

To keep your Mother Rucker’s Sweets at their peak of flavor and consistency, you just need to plan ahead a little. Here’s a list of our favorite ways to keep them cool and ready to enjoy on road trips, at pool parties or anywhere you indulge in them this summer.

Give them the deep freeze
Our top suggestion for keeping your Mother Rucker’s Sweets perfect in the summer heat is to simply put them in the freezer a few hours before they’re taken out into the heat. Usually, they need about 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature to thaw, but outdoors in the heat, you need only about ten minutes. So pop them in the freezer and put them out just a little ahead of when your guests will eat them.

If you’re taking them on a road trip, wrap them in aluminum foil before your freeze them, then keep them in an ice-packed cooler. Or better yet, get an electric cooler that runs off your car battery and cools things down about 40 degrees below the outdoor temperature. This is a must-have accessory for any road trip or tailgate party.

Tray of ice
If want your treats to make it a little longer through the heat outdoors, place them on a tray over ice. You need nothing too fancy for this—just set out a tray full of ice, and place a slightly smaller tray over the ice to place your treats on. The cooling effect is slight, but enough in most cases to keep your treats tasting great in the heat.

Ice-packed glass bell dome cake stand
If you’re looking for a more elegant solution to your summertime serving conundrum, place several frozen ice packs on a cake stand (the kind with a glass bell dome). Cover the ice packs with a decorative or plain white towel, set a plate on top to accommodate your treats and cover everything with the glass dome. The mini icebox you’ve just created will keep your sweets chilled for an hour or two as long as it’s not in direct sunlight.

Stay cool!