Throw Your Kid’s Class an End-of-School Party

Throw Your Kid’s Class an End-of-School Party

Kid PartyWhat’s your kid going to do when the last day of school lets out? Celebrate, of course! Join in on the fun by planning an end-of-school party for your kid’s entire class. Draw up a guest list, ask a few other parents to help out and usher in the beginning of summer vacation in style.

Here’s our list of top five partyin’ ways to get this summer started for your kids:

1. The Classic Pool Party: Pool parties may be the easiest parties to throw for kids—aside from music, food and punch, all you need to do is let the pool be the focus. Besides, what says “summer is here” better than cannonballing right into the pool?

2. The On-Campus Pizza Party: Invite parents to chip in, coordinate with the teacher and order up a variety of pizzas on or near the last day of class. Make it a surprise to really ramp up the end-of-school excitement.

3. The Craft Party: You know the equation: school + friends = memories. Make those memories last a lifetime by throwing a classroom craft party. Have everyone bring photos taken throughout the school year, and be prepared to take pics on the spot and print them out, too. Organize framing projects, scrapbook projects or any other way you can think of to help the kids create a memento of the year. The best part? Every passing year will turn the crafts the kids make into a cherished keepsake.

4. The Ice Cream Social: When you only have time for a quick shindig to mark the end of school, bring in a few volunteer parents to throw an ice cream social for the class. Prep is easier if you make treats ahead of the party—consider pressing slices of vanilla ice cream between two Mother Rucker’s Sweets’ Chocolate Chippies for gourmet ice cream sandwiches. Mother Rucker’s Sweets’ Brownies make for an out-of-this-world sundae, too. The big pro of this party is it only takes about 30-45 minutes, which would fit into any busy teacher’s schedule.

5. The Field Trip Party: This one takes some planning, but it’s well worth the effort. A “final field trip: party starts the summer off with a class trip to somewhere fun and exciting. Make it educational, too—school’s not over quite yet, after all! Museums, zoos and arboretums all make great options.

Reminder: Don’t leave anyone out of your party plans. Find out if any student has a special dietary needs, and plan for it.