Planning the perfect Mother’s Day

Planning the perfect Mother’s Day

Mother Rucker's“This Sunday is Mother’s Day!” is a common realization for countless people just a few days before this holiday rolls around each year. For some reason, it’s low on everyone’s radar until suddenly, with only a few days left, reminders pop up everywhere and we all set out to try to make it as special as we can for the moms in our life.

So how to make this the perfect Mother’s Day? Maybe you’ll be celebrating your own mother or another mother figure who gave you guidance. Either way, these Mother’s Day ideas are sure to bring joy and love to the mom in your life.

1. The gift of time: More than anything, moms just want to spend time with their children and grandchildren. Set aside several hours, if not the whole day, to spend time with your mother. If your mom is the quiet type, then think of something low-key to do, or just visit her at home. If she’s outgoing, plan a new adventure—maybe take in a movie or go to the museum. There’s shopping, walking a nature trail, going to church—every mom has a favorite activity, and would love for her children to share in it.

2. Dining out: Taking your mother to a nice restaurant is a treat she’ll appreciate. Pick up the tab—don’t let your mother pay no matter how much she insists!

3. Bring the party over: Maybe surprising your mom with a sudden afternoon get-together is more her style. If so, get the family together, plan out a meal and show up when you know she’ll be home.

4. Make your thoughts known: Not everyone lives near his or her mother as an adult, so if you’re a few states away and can’t make it home, be sure to send a card and follow up with a phone call on Sunday. Even if you plan on visiting, send a card and call anyway. Go over the top for your mom this year.

5. Get her something sweet: Mother’s Day isn’t complete without a gift. It could be something as simple as a new towel set, a book you know she’d enjoy or an up-to-date family portrait. Does your mother garden? Then get her something she’ll enjoy growing. Has she always wanted to paint? Then sign her up for a beginner’s painting class.

Of course, sweet treats always make for a gift that pleases everyone. How about giving her the All-American Cookie Parade—a beautifully wrapped gift box of our best-selling Chocolate Chippies, Cherry Almond Sugar Gems and Cinnamon Cookie Brittle. Also a popular Mother’s Day gift is our Classic Cookie Brittle Collection of Almond, Lemon and Cinnamon Cookie Brittle boxed up and gift wrapped as a ready-to-go present.

Whatever you do for mom this Mother’s Day, make sure it shows her what an important part of your life she is.