6 Ways to Cool Down in Your Own Backyard

Sure, it may only be spring, but we’re already dreaming of summer fun here at Mother Rucker’s Sweets. And since we always plan ahead, we’ve been brainstorming all the ways we’re going to keep our little ones cool during this summer break. Here are a few of the ideas we want to have ready by the time school lets out.

The Wading Pool
If you don’t have a swimming pool in your backyard, then a kiddie pool is the next best thing. Yes, they’re ugly, take up a lot of space and don’t last very long, but the classic blow-up kiddie pool is still our favorite low-cost backyard tool for keeping the kids cool in the summer. Bonus: dogs love them too!

Old-Fashioned Water Balloon Fight
For kids old enough to handle it, an old-fashioned water balloon fight is high on our list of summertime activities. What’s better than filling up a balloon with water and hurling it at your friends and siblings on a hot summer day?
End Of School Water Party Celebration
Water Gun Tag We believe that water gun tag is best when the weapons are made to douse the enemy—no wimpy squirt guns here. Set up a few forts with old bed sheets, and your kids are set for an afternoon of cool, clothes-saturating warfare. Ice Cream Sandwiches You probably remember ice cream sandwiches from your childhood tasting 100 times better than the look-alikes in the grocery store aisles today. But don’t let that rob your kids of the treat you loved at their age—make your own! Just pick up a carton of vanilla ice cream and a dozen Mother Rucker’s Sweets Chocolate Chippies. Slice the ice cream and squeeze it between two cookies for an easy-to-make backyard treat that will keep everyone in the cool. Rucker’s Recipes

Snow Cones
You don’t need a fancy ice-shaving machine to make snow cones at home. A decent blender can turn a tub of ice into a slushy snow cone base in a matter of seconds. Serve up the ice in fun paper cups and drizzle on some store-bought snow cone syrup—or make your own syrup from fruit juice with a little added sweetness.
Cocktail Snow Cones

DIY Water Slide
Got a sloping backyard? Then you’re already on your way to your own DIY water slide. Lay down an old blanket along the slope to protect the slide and children from rocks or sharp debris, then drape a long tarp on the blanket. Turn on the water hose at the top end, and bam—you just made your own water slide. Hint: slowly drizzling some baby shampoo in the stream of the water will make the slide more slippery and tons more fun.