Mother Rucker’s Easter Basket Essentials

Mother Rucker’s Easter Basket Essentials

Now that spring is in the air, it’s time to think about building the perfect Easter basket. Sure, you could go to the big box stores and grab a few pre-packaged things from the holiday aisle, but what fun is there in that? To help you get started, we’re sharing a few ideas that have gotten our creative juices flowing for creating our own Easter baskets.

The Basket
The foundation of any Easter basket is, of course, the basket itself. If you’re looking for a traditional woven basket, you’re stuck with buying one already made—unless you want to tackle some complex basket weaving tutorial.

But who said the basket actually has to be a basket? Any decoratable tray, box, bag or bucket can be made into an Easter gift container. We love the idea of a huge Mason jar filled with colorful candies and topped with a pastel ribbon and fluffy Easter bunny ears. Or give a second life to that discarded egg carton by decorating it for the holiday and stuffing Easter candies inside.

Mason Jar Easter Treats

The Goodies
Once you’ve filled your basket with your colorful Easter grass of choice, choose some special Easter treats. You’ll likely want to include the traditional jelly beans, cream-filled eggs and chocolate bunnies, depending on the recipient’s tastes. But for an extra special basket, why not include Mother Rucker’s Sweet’s Chocolate Chippies or Cookie Brittles—or even a Deluxe Chocolate Brownie or two?

Chocolate Brownies

Additionally, think of a few gift items your recipient (whether child or adult) will love. For example, a kid who enjoys reading may love seeing a new book tucked into their basket. A gardener would appreciate an Easter basket with a selection of flower seed packets, a few gardening hand tools and a sampling of Mother Rucker’s Sweets Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies.


Again, your imagination the only limit on creating the perfect Easter basket for your friends and family. Get ahold of the basic decorative components, think a little about what would make the gift special to the one who’s going to get it and fill it up until it’s complete and ready to give.

Happy Easter!