Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Meal for Two

Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Meal for Two

Dinner for Two

Whether you’re in an established relationship or pursuing someone new, Valentine’s Day only comes along once a year. Why make reservations at a fancy restaurant that’s sure to be packed when you can cook a romantic meal for two at home? Dining in on Valentine’s Day will not only save you from prix-fixe sticker shock, but it will make for a comfortable, intimate and memorable date night.

Keep these tips in mind while you’re making your Valentine’s preparations:

Setting the mood

If you have children, your first step should be to book a babysitter. You love your children, of course, but there’s nothing wrong with setting aside a little time for the grownups to spend together alone. Call in a favor from your sister; find a responsible teenager who could use some extra cash—whatever it takes to get the kids out of the house for a few hours.

On the night of your dinner, dim the lights a little and add some unscented candles to the dinner table. Do whatever else you can to make the house inviting, warm and comforting—that means it should be clean and tidy, at the very least. Break out the special-occasion dinnerware and set the formal dining table, if you have one. Finally, play some soft, romantic music that both you and your partner love.

Selecting the Menu
For the at-home Valentine’s Day dinner, plan something that takes a little extra effort but remains within your skillset. You don’t want a culinary disaster on your hands.

For appetizers, consider easy-yet-elegant finger foods like bruschetta, figs wrapped in prosciutto or a gourmet cheese platter. The main course is a matter of taste and your ability in the kitchen. Pizza is a great option if you and your partner love to make dinner together. Pasta in any form also makes a fitting (and easy) Valentine’s Day dinner.

If you imbibe, splurge on a fine wine to go with your meal. If you don’t, consider brewing up some gourmet after-dinner coffee or tea.

Finally, don’t take on the whole menu yourself. Prepackaged specialty foods are everywhere nowadays, so take some of the pressure off yourself and use these convenient gourmet treats to your advantage.

Nailing the Dessert
The difference between an average meal at home and a special, romantic dine-in experience can all hinge on the dessert. But don’t go all-out whipping up your own sweet treat—you’ve got the meal to focus on, and once that’s over, you’ll want to relax. Pick up a delicate dessert wine or a bag of freshly ground coffee and pair it with a decadent chocolate treat from Mother Rucker’s Sweets. We suggest our Deluxe Chocolate Brownies or our dense, chewy butterscotch Blondies.

We’ve also created a special Oh So Sweet Valentine’s Day package just for the occasion. It’s composed of two beautiful, be-ribboned red keepsake boxes that come filled with our Almond Cookie Brittle and all-butter heart-shaped sugar cookies. Four of the cookies are hand-decorated by our own cookie artisans, so no two are exactly alike. You’ll want to give it as a gift and dig into it together.