How to use up leftover Thanksgiving turkey

How to use up leftover Thanksgiving turkey

If you’re like everybody else in America, you’ll still have tons of turkey left over once you’ve made it through your Thanksgiving feast. With a little creativity, you can get much more out of that bird than a week’s worth of turkey sandwiches. Here’s our list of ways to maximize your post-feast surplus.

Ground Turkey Spaghetti Sauce
Once you’ve gone gluttonous on Thanksgiving fare, you’ll likely want a break from that somewhat tepid Early American flavor. Look no further than the work of Marco Polo, who, legend has it, combined noodles from the east with tomatoes from South America to give us a meal that has certainly been served nonstop somewhere in the world ever since. This recipe for ground turkey spaghetti sauce will help you put away over a pound of your extra turkey.

Thanksgiving Spread
Turkey Chow Mein Casserole Ten minutes is all you need to whip up this turkey chow mein recipe. Combine two cups of shredded leftover turkey with a few odds and ends, and after just 30 minutes in the oven, it’s ready. Repurposing leftovers can be deceptive—your family will think you’ve made this from scratch. Leftover Turkey Risotto A recipe is so often touted as only taking a few short minutes to prep, but not this recipe for leftover turkey risotto. It takes more than a dozen ingredients and almost half an hour to make, but the meal it makes will beat anything that’s quick and easy. Contest-Winning Turkey Potpie

Turkey Pot Pie
Before there were prepackaged pot pies in the frozen food aisle of the grocery store, people really made their own—in a real pot, not a recyclable aluminum dish. What you taste in a real, authentic pot pie cannot be duplicated by any frozen food. The fresh, wholesome ingredients that comprise this recipe for turkey pot pie make for a satisfying meal that will put away a good-sized portion of your extra turkey.

Turkey Salad With Tomato and Avocado

Turkey Salad
Vows of “I’m going on a diet” have become just as much a part of the post-Thanksgiving wrap-up as watching the game on TV or sleeping off a calorie coma. And after a day of gluttony, a big salad will pretty nice for the next week. In this recipe for turkey salad with tomato and avocado, you can just substitute your own thin slices of turkey for the deli turkey.

Beyond Sandwiches
Okay, we said that our ideas would spare you a week of turkey sandwiches, but let’s get real—you’re going to have to take the sandwich route at least a little if you’re going to tackle all those leftovers. But you don’t have to resort to plain old white bread with mayo and mounds of meat. If nothing else, branch out with German mustard, artisan breads and maybe a fine cheese to make the final product something to write home about.

Or there’s the turkey salad option. This recipe for chicken salad works for turkey, too. The result will take your sandwiches up a notch.