Homemade goodies for your trick-or-treaters

Homemade goodies for your trick-or-treaters

The tradition of trick-or-treating should be more than an annual neighborhood shakedown for pre-bagged name brand miniatures. It should be a time to enjoy an autumn evening, to get to know your neighbors and to treat them to a satisfying homemade confection that makes everyone stop and talk awhile. If you’re with us in this ideal, we’ve got a few ideas for unique, homemade treats to get you started.

Caramel Apples
Caramel apples start with a healthy center—a small, fresh apple—and build from there to create a blend of nutrition and indulgence in every sticky bite. Caramel apples are about the easiest gourmet Halloween treat you can make. This classic recipe takes no special kitchen skills, but produces a confection that’ll outshine anything prepackaged. This video will show you everything you need to know to make caramel apples. Tip: Time your prep so you can serve the apples while they’re still warm.

Candy-Coated Caramel Apples
This recipe adds a modern touch to a classic by rolling caramel apples in chocolate and peanut butter candy pieces. You may also to try chocolate chips, melted chocolate or cake sprinkles.

Apple Teeth
For an outright nutritious treat that’s so creative that no one will notice it’s not candy, this recipe for apple “teeth” uses just three natural ingredients. If you want to add a touch of extra sweetness, just add a little agave nectar and top with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Invisible Pops
Take store-bought candy and turn it into a clear homemade sucker that’s a unique nod to the customary sweets of the season. You can embed sunflower seeds or small candies like candy corn in this “invisible” treat. They’re simple, sweet and will amaze your visitors because, though they’re super-easy, they seem like such a culinary accomplishment.

Bite-Size Honey Popcorn Balls
If you’ve never had a popcorn ball, you don’t know what fall tastes like. Formerly popular at autumn school fairs and church functions, popcorn balls are a nostalgic sweet that are due for a return. You can bring them back for your Halloween guests with this recipe.

Homemade Knock-Offs
If you really want to mix things up a bit for your Halloween guests, why not give them homemade versions of the store-bought candies that everyone’s used to? Imagine a Kitty Kat bar, a Buttery Finger or a Betwix bar made with simple, wholesome ingredients, not the huge list you see on the back of the prepackaged version? Your guests will get a snicker out of these twists on cheap candy made gourmet by your skills in the kitchen.