The Baking Flavors of Fall

The Baking Flavors of Fall

It’s no wonder that the fall is associated with delicious baked goods. There’s a bounty of ingredients to be found at the farmers market, and the shortening days and cooler weather can put anyone in the mood to preheat the oven and bake a few homemade desserts.

Whether you’re preparing for a holiday feast or just craving a simple piece of pie, the bakers at Mother Rucker’s Sweets have a few tips to share.

The Ingredients
The baking flavors of fall coincide with what’s in season at the farmers market this time of year: apples, pumpkins, pears, cranberries, pecans and sweet potatoes. Not usually a farmers market find, cocoa nonetheless occupies a huge spot on the list of fall baked good flavors.

The key spices associated with the fall bounty are cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. If it’s been a while since you’ve reached for these on your spice rack, buy some fresh—the difference between old spices and fresh ones is worth the investment.

The Essential Fall Dessert Lineup
Unlike the melons and citrus of summer, there’s something warm, filling and comforting about the sweets we associate with fall. The essential fall desserts might take a few more steps to prepare than a summertime confection, but these recipes will make it a cinch:

Apple Pie: Fall flavors begin with the classic apple pie. This is a dessert that’s best when you buy truly flavorful specialty apples from the farmers market rather than the plain, tasteless varieties from the supermarket. Our favorite uncomplicated apple pie recipe comes courtesy of Taste of Home.

Apple Crisp: While you’re baking with apples, consider this 20-minute apple crisp recipe that has all the goodness of apple pie without all the prep time.

Pumpkin Pie: Second only to apple pie for the most all-American autumn dessert, pumpkin pie also packs plenty of vitamins. This pumpkin pie recipe from Vegetarian Times is cholesterol-free and uses whole wheat pastry flour for an indulgence that we think is more delicious than more traditional recipes.

Cranberry Muffins: Another sweet treat that is both delicious and healthier than typically baked versions, this cranberry muffin recipe from Yummly is dairy-free and flavorful.

Pear Cobbler: Less common than apple cobbler, pear cobbler is just as delectable—plus it’s the perfect way to use up the abundance of pears you bring back from the farmers market. For this pear cobbler recipe from All Recipes, you’ll need to pick up 10 pears.

Sweet Potato Pie: If you like pumpkin pie, you’ll enjoy this sweet potato pie recipe from Martha Stewart. Sweet potato pie tends to be easier to make from scratch than pumpkin pie, which is why many bakers make it their pumpkin pie stand-in.

Easy Pecan Pie: To make a pecan pie, stick with an easy recipe so that you’re not frustrated by all the unnecessary complexities that some bakers insist on. This pecan pie recipe from My Recipes is thoroughly simple and satisfying.