5 kitchen gadgets we’re loving right now

5 kitchen gadgets we’re loving right now


Summertime calls for cool drinks, frozen confections and light fare that doesn’t take hours in the kitchen to prepare. To beat the heat and make the most of our countertop duties, we’re loving these 5 kitchen gadgets for making treats for friends and family this summer.

Ninja Master Prep Pro System
Enjoy creamy fruit smoothies, frozen cocktails or milkshakes in seconds with the Ninja Master Prep Pro System. As efficient as a high-end Vitamix blender but for a fraction of the price, the Ninja Master Prep Pro System turns ice cubes into silky crushed ice in less than 10 seconds. Depending on whether you’re making a little or a lot, you can use the 16-oz., 40-oz. or 48-oz. containers with the same power head. The 16-oz. container is perfect for making salsa with fresh garden produce. The blades are easy to remove and clean after use, so you can enjoy your culinary creations right away.

Chef’n Herbsicle Frozen Herb Keeper
The delicate aromatic oils of fresh herbs lose their strength within hours of being harvested. If you’re buying them at the store or picking them from a herb garden, you know just how quickly they’re ready to be tossed out if not used promptly. The Chef’n Herbiscle Frozen Herb Keeper puts an end to all that waste. Simply fill it up with your herb of choice, freeze it and when you need it, slice off a portion and add it to your dish. This handy device lets you use just what you need, when you need it.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker
The Zoku Quick Pop Maker is to popsicles what a microwave is to a cup of soup. In just minutes, you can enjoy a unique frozen fruit juice bar or a creamy frozen dessert just by mixing your ingredients, pouring them into the moulds and plunging them into the super cooling tool. You’ll be ready to eat your chilly treats in about 10 minutes flat.

3-Tier Stacked Drink Dispenser
Mix up a batch of fruit punch, iced tea and thirst-quenching ice water garnished with citrus slices and serve them this the 3-tier stacked optic glass drink dispenser from Horchow. The stacked containers are a nice touch for a party—just imagine how you might contrast different colorful drinks for a stunning and unique display.

OXO 3-in-1 Avocado Tool
You might think that avocados are easy enough to halve, pit and slice without a special tool. But you likely haven’t seen the OXO 3-in-1 Avocado Tool in action. Use the serrated plastic blade to cut through the skin and around the pit. Then twist out the pit with the special pitter scoop and dig into the halved avocado with the plastic slicing blades for uniform avocado slices—all without getting your hands messy. The slices are perfect for topping off a backyard burger or serving with chips and salsa as an outdoor appetizer.