Summer drink pairings with Mother Rucker’s Sweets

Summer drink pairings with Mother Rucker’s Sweets

Do cocktails go with cookies? You bet they do! Set your midday office mixer or after hours soirée apart from the usual grown-up meet-and-greet by pairing sophisticated mixed drinks with delicious Mother Rucker’s Sweets. Here are a few of our favorites:

Cape Cod and Lemon Rosemary Sugar Gems
It’s summer, temps are through the roof, and your guests would like a refreshing drink. Treat your friends to a refreshing Cape Cod with a splash of cranberry to start off the night, then satisfy their urge to splurge with Lemon Rosemary Sugar Gems. If you really want to dazzle, roll some cranberries in sugar, freeze them and use them as a garnish.

Bailey’s Comet and Deluxe Chocolate Brownies
Bailey’s Comet is a mix of creamy chocolate and Irish cream with vodka, club soda and a splash of half and half. Its flavor is bested only by the indulgence of Mother Rucker’s Deluxe Chocolate Brownies. Served together, they’ll satisfy your guests’ chocolate cravings for at least the next weeks.

Watermelon and Vanilla Lavender Sugar Gems
The clean, light flavor of Mother Rucker’s Vanilla Lavender Sugar Gems balances the tart but refreshing flavor of a Watermelon Tequila cocktail. Texas is a top producer of the cocktail’s namesake ingredient, so pick out a vine-ripe melon and pick up an order of Vanilla Lavender Sugar Gems to get your party going.

White Russians and Chippies
Mother Rucker’s Chippies are rich and decadent, so they need pairing with a beverage of equal intensity. To pull off this combo, try a creamy White Russian served in a lowball glass. It’s the grown-up version of milk and cookies.

You Name It
Make your own cocktail pairing by following a simple rule: stick with what works for desserts. Creams and coffees pair well with chocolate, and tartness is balanced well by mild sweetness. Also, consider holding back a little on the alcohol in your mixed drinks to prevent it from overshadowing the flavor of the baked treat. In all your pairings, your aim is to create a total flavor experience that will delight your guests.