The Perfect Mother’s Day Basket

The Perfect Mother’s Day Basket

If you ask Mother Rucker’s, every day should be Mother’s Day! However, devoting a day once a year entirely to recognizing moms isn’t that bad. This year, May 11 is the day reserved for celebrating mom by taking her out to lunch, giving her some sweet presents and making sure she knows that she’s loved year-round. And while there aren’t enough days in the year to show our moms just how much they mean to us, there are some other ways that we can express our gratitude, whether on Mother’s Day or on any random weekday.

Consider putting together a Mother’s Day basket and including some of the following as gifts:

Mother Rucker’s SweetsWhether you want to go all out with our Daisy Gift Set (which includes our over-the-top Deluxe Chocolate Brownies and Blondie Brownies, Deluxe Praline Pecans and crunchy sweet-and-salty white chocolate pretzels) or pick something more reminiscent of the treats your mom makes, like our classic Chippies, surprising mom with Mother Rucker’s Sweets is always a good idea. Give her a break from baking without taking time off from enjoying some tasty treats.

Wine. The best complement to a decadent dessert is a good glass of wine. Red or white, it doesn’t matter—you know your mom best, and you know what she looks for in her wine. Specialty wine stores may be able to help you select a bottle to her liking, or you can pick a bottle that you know she’s always wanted to try. And if there’s room in the basket (and in your budget), a novelty wine glass would make an excellent addition.

Gift Cards. What’s your mom’s favorite restaurant? Is there a particular store she loves? What about a local spa? Chances are that all of these places sell gift cards that your mom would love. Buy a gift card for a place or service that your mom can use as a treat—not for a necessity, like grocery shopping or auto care. Also, make sure that the expiration date is flexible in case she doesn’t have the chance to use it right away.

Flowers. Roses are red, but there are many more colors and types of flowers to choose from if you want to avoid thorns. Stop by your local florist for some beautiful bouquets, or visit a nearby nursery to pick up some potted plants for your mom. After all, April showers have brought May flowers!

Candles. The sweet scent of vanilla should burn bright in your mother’s kitchen, whether or not there are cookies baking in the oven. Treat your mom to a few calming candles—they don’t expire and will never go out of style.

From one Mother to another, we wish you the happiest of Mother’s Days!