Fun cookie crafts for kids

Fun cookie crafts for kids

Sometimes it’s okay to play with your food. In fact, at Mother Rucker’s Sweets, we recommend it! Mixing ingredients, rolling dough and baking sweet treats is a great way to have some fun in the kitchen with your kids. We’ve even come up with a few ways you and your kids can get creative with cookies.

Design aprons and baker’s hats. Do your kids want to look the part as they learn to master the kitchen? Buy an array of paint, fabric markers, stencils and other crafting supplies to assist them in designing their own personalized aprons or baker’s hats. Before you start gluing, painting and drawing, make sure you’re working on a space that’s easy to clean and adult-supervised.

Decorate cookies. An all-time kitchen craft favorite! Make your own sugar cookies to decorate, or order from Mother Rucker’s and go to town with the icing and sprinkles. (We find that Spice Cookies and Sugar Gems work best for decorating.) These days, you can find almost any color or flavor of frosting, but you can also make your own by dyeing white frosting with food coloring. Pick up some small candies or other edible decorations and let your kids go to town on their cookie creations. Be sure to wear an old T-shirt or an apron to prevent staining your clothes with dyed frosting.

Create confetti eggs. Perfect for Easter (or any celebration for that matter), confetti eggs are easy to make, fun to use and make a festive addition to your party. The adult or adults in charge should poke a hole at the larger end of the egg and allow the yolk to slide out. (Save the yolk for the cookies you can make later!) After thoroughly rinsing and drying the eggs, carefully hand them over to the kids to decorate. You can use egg dye, tissue paper or other crafts, as long as they’re applied gently. When you’re nearly done decorating, use a funnel to fill the egg with glitter or confetti and seal it shut with a small piece of tissue paper. Voila! These eggs are ready to smash and sparkle!

Give a gift. Cookies are best when shared with others. Encourage your kids to decorate gift bags (with freshly baked treats inside) for teachers, friends or family members. Or grab some mason jars and make these cookie mixes for others to bake. Not only are they fun to assemble, but they’re simple to make!