3.14 Cheers for Pie!

3.14 Cheers for Pie!

Tomorrow, March 14, is National Pi(e) Day; a day when mathematicians and dessert lovers can celebrate together. And while calculating the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter is not the most festive way to spend the day, indulging in a flaky, sweet dessert is always a good option. While Mother Rucker’s Sweets doesn’t offer pies on our menu, we serve up plenty of sweet desserts that can easily be used in the creation—and consumption—of your favorite pie. Don’t believe us? See for yourself:

Pie Crust. Pre-made crusts are great if you’re in a hurry, but if time’s not an issue, get creative and make your own! First, select your favorite Mother Rucker’s cookie or Cookie Brittle (we like using the Spice Cookie or Vanilla Lavender Sugar Gem) and crush enough to fill 2 full cups. Then, follow this easy recipe from DivasCanCook.com:

Place cookie crumbs, one stick of butter (melted) and ⅓ cup of sugar (or less depending on the cookie) into a large bowl. Stir everything together with a fork until large crumbs appear. Carefully, press evenly into a deep dish pie crust and freeze for 20 minutes. Now you’re ready for the filling!

This recipe makes a thick crust for a deep dish pie. You won’t need all of the mixture if you’re using a regular sized pie or if you like a thinner crust.

Garnish. Who needs a mint leaf or chocolate chunks atop a grasshopper pie when Buttermint Cookie Brittle and Deluxe Chocolate Brownies can do the trick? Break off pieces of these sweet treats and sprinkle them over your pie to make your mouth happier than you ever thought possible. This works best for pies with creamy and meringue-like top layers, however a Cinnamon Cookie Brittle garnish works wonders with most fruit-based fillings.

Mini cookie pies. When you get down to it, all a pie really is is a sweet, buttery and flaky base with a filling of some sort. So essentially, any one of our delectable delights— like our unique ice cream sandwich combinations—can be turned into a mini pie. Replace the ice cream with fruit filling or frosting for treats that will melt in your mouth—not on your fingers.

Cookie Layer. How do you perfect a pie? Add a layer of cookies to the top instead of using the typical pastry dough. Whether in crumbles, chunks or left whole, any one of the Classic Cookie Brittle flavors can top off your pie with a delicious crunch (and taste.)

Pi may be a constant for math whizzes, but pie should be a constant for everyone!