Lights, Camera, Cookies!

Lights, Camera, Cookies!

It’s soon to be Friday night. Your work week is finished, the kids are out with their friends and you happened to stop by a Redbox on your way home. It’s going to be a good night. But there is one way to make your relaxing evening even better; snack on some Mother Rucker’s Sweets while watching your movie.

Our home-baked treats pair perfectly with every genre imaginable. You might say, we have a flavor for film! Check out some of our favorite Silver Screen pairings below:

Chick Flicks: What better way to celebrate the tumultuous relationship between Harry and Sally than with a heaping bowl of the ultimate comfort food: ice cream topped with our delectable Cookie Brittle. Whether you choose to pair rocky road with Cocoa Brittle, or butter pecan with Cinnamon Brittle, the combinations of flavors, as well as the laughs, heartbreak and tears of happiness, are endless.

Documentaries: If tonight is the night you want to get down to the basics, why not start with our famous Chippies? We take the simple concept of a chocolate chip cookie one step further into a realm of unprecedented deliciousness. Made from the Rucker family secret recipe, these cake-like cookies are chock full of ooey gooey chocolate (which will be documented on your fingers and face, no doubt).

Drama: Whether he said this or she said that, they BOTH agree Deluxe Chocolate Brownies are the way to go when things start to unravel. These complex chocolate confections are the perfect mix of sweet, rich and dangerous. Drown your taste buds with these anything-but-boring brownies.

Horror: There’s no need to clutch the couch when you can easily be calmed with one bite of our Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies. There’s nothing safer than this chewy childhood favorite, packed with a creamy peanut butter taste and soft oatmeal texture. The only thing scary about these cookies is finding an empty box.

Mystery: So, you just can’t seem to figure out who did it, much like you can’t figure out which spice makes our Hibiscus Five Spice Sugar Gems so tasty. Here’s a hint- it’s not Colonel Mustard in the library with a candlestick. It’s the subtle flavors of star anise, cloves, fennel, cinnamon and white pepper combined with dried Hibiscus flower that makes one irresistible sugar cookie.

Action: No action sequence is complete without a little bit of fire. Fuel your film fervor with Cookie Brittle s’mores. For the ultimate thrill, take two pieces of our buttery Almond Brittle and sandwich them around a toasted marshmallow and a square of chocolate. No matter how great your need for speed may be, eat these slowly or face the risk of getting burned.

Do you pass on the popcorn in favor of a Mother Rucker’s snack? Let us know what your favorite film food is by leaving feedback here.