What Does Your Sweet Tooth Say About You?

What Does Your Sweet Tooth Say About You?

We here at Mother Rucker’s Sweets consider ourselves connoisseurs of confections. For the past 10 years, we’ve been satisfying your sweet tooth with an array of cookies, brownies, brittle and more. While our desserts are widely enjoyed by all, we recognize that everyone has a favorite type of treat. So what does your dessert of choice say about you?

Cake: If cake is your go-to sweet treat, then you probably don’t wait until your birthday to cut yourself a piece—or two. Cake lovers know how to create a celebratory atmosphere any day of the week and are always up to getting together for fun times with family and friends.

Cookies: Perfect for a person on the go, the portable cookie is a practical and delicious choice for someone with 1,001 things on their to-do list. Hot or cold, chewy or crunchy, cookies help a busy bee pause and appreciate the sweet things life has to offer.

Brownies: Brownie lovers throw caution to the wind and live life on the wild side! It’s a rare occasion to crave a brownie and only have one—no matter how decadent it is. When baking brownies, chefs tend to use their creativity and ad-lib ingredients, including nuts, candy or marshmallows, to enhance this chocolaty treat.  

Pies: People usually fall into one of two camps: Team Pie or Team Cake. Those who prefer the flaky crust of a pie are typically more traditional and have an affinity for the classics. They find comfort in knowing some things—like a good ol’ fashion apple pie—will always be staple of the American diet.

Ice Cream: Cool and smooth, ice cream is the sweet of choice for calm and collected diners. Ice cream lovers tend to take their time smelling the roses and soaking up all they can out of life. Appreciating, rather than sweating, the small stuff, ice cream fans are young at heart.

Do you have a favorite dessert we overlooked? What do you think it says about you? Share with us here