Sweets for Santa

Sweets for Santa

Leaving a tray of milk and cookies isn’t just a nice holiday tradition; it’s also a way to give Santa the boost he needs to keep delivering gifts to all the good boys and girls around the world. After all, climbing up and down chimneys is hard work!

Mother Rucker’s Sweets has been supplying the big guy with his yummy energy source for years. From our traditional Chippies to our Holiday Cookie Brittle Collection, our seasonal sweets will definitely earn you a place on the “nice” list.

So why are cookies and milk Santa’s preferred fuel? One tradition tells it this way:

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, was a third-century bishop recognized for his generosity to children and the less fortunate. Many Orthodox Christians revered him for his kindness. A feast was held in his honor every December 6, and on the eve of the celebration, children would leave Saint Nicholas food and drink, which would be exchanged overnight for gifts.  

During the Protestant reformation of the 16th century, observing saints’ feast days was frowned upon. The Christians, who still felt compelled to celebrate Saint Nicholas, began to associate his feast day with that of Christmas. As this practice progressed, the tradition of leaving milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, rather than (or in addition to) Saint Nicholas Day Eve, came to be.

However, this isn’t the only story explaining Santa’s infamous sweet tooth:

Modern Christmas trees came from the medieval custom of “Paradise Trees,” popular throughout western Germany. These trees were decorated with apples, wafers and/or cookies. As time passed, mice would often snack on the cookies adorning the tree, which did not go unnoticed by the children.

Parents blamed the disappearing cookies on a hungry St. Nick and began leaving plates of cookies close to the fire for Santa (and the mice) so the tree’s decorations would stay intact. As time passed, fewer people decorated their trees with food, but families continued the tradition of leaving out goodies for Santa. 

So whether you keep your Mother Rucker’s Sweets stuffed in your stocking or out on a plate for Mr. Claus, we hope our treats bring joy to your holiday season!