Hip, Hip Hurray For National Cookie Day!

Hip, Hip Hurray For National Cookie Day!

Cookies are everywhere. From our pantries to our ovens, coffeeshops to 5-star restaurants. And right now there are even cookies on your computer screen, and possibly en route to your doorstep, courtesy of Mother Rucker’s Sweets. But where do these tasty treats come from?

In honor of National Cookie Day, it’s time to see how these sweets came to be a favorite indulgence worldwide.

In the seventh century B.C.E., sugar became a staple in Persian cooking. But the hard wafers resulting from this new ingredient didn’t resemble the modern cookie. Still, thanks to widespread travel and the cookie’s ability to withstand long trips, this new snack snuck its way into European cuisine by the 14th century.

However, cookies as we know them weren’t created until the 1600s, when a Dutch chef made a sweet discovery. In those days, it was customary to use a small amount of cake batter to test oven temperature before baking a full-size cake. These “koekje”, meaning “little cakes” in Dutch, were made with sweet dough or batter, baked in single-sized servings and eaten by hand. It didn’t take long for chefs to realize these tiny morsels of cooked batter were pretty delicious. Eventually, the mini cakes morphed into the modern-day cookie.

These days, cookies are often classified based on their method of preparation: drop, molded, pressed, refrigerated, bar and rolled. Types of cookies—and their names—vary by country of origin, ingredients and purpose.

At Mother Rucker’s Sweets, we offer a wide range of cookies, bars and brownies to satisfy any sweet tooth. So let us help you celebrate National Cookie Day in style, whether it’s by sharing a box of cookie brittle with your family or hosting a cookie swap among friends!