Prepping the perfect dessert display

Prepping the perfect dessert display

iStock_000016568671SmallIt’s hard for a cookie to garner too much attention by looks alone, but when presented as part of a delectable dessert spread, it can certainly captivate an entire party. And at Mother Rucker’s Sweets we’ve had first hand with making sweets that taste as good as they look. So in addition to offering our loyal customers an abundance of sweets of an unmatched quality, we want to share some of our tried-and-true tips on dessert table preparation.

First and foremost, provide guests with a dessert selection that showcases a variety of goodies. Brownies are always a good place to start. We offer a dense, chewy butterscotch blonde brownie as well as our take on the classic fudge brownie, which we top with a truffle-like chocolate and puffy marshmallow layer.

Complement these brownies with Mother Rucker’s original Chippies, individually wrapped and chock full of chocolate chips in every bite. To avoid chocolate overload, make sure to mix our tasty Sugar Gems or Cookie Brittle into your spread of sweets.

Whether planning for a party or just in need of a decorative (and delicious) platter, choose an appropriate theme and have some fun! Incorporate festive plating and paper goods that are both sturdy and stylish. Edible centerpieces such as a seasonal fruit bowl or colorful candies add color and variety to dessert tables, too.

It’s also important to take note of the occasion. If you are preparing for a wedding shower or birthday party, display pictures or unique trinkets of the guest(s) of honor, in addition to his or her favorite treats.

Will the dessert table be a standalone table or part of a larger display? Will the event have buffet or sit-down dining? If it’s the latter, make sure that you will have enough room for all the sweets you wish serve. For buffets, use creative labels to differentiate between the types of treats you’re offering. Make sure there is enough space between platters to prevent your table from looking too cluttered and overwhelming.

How many people are you expecting to feed? Twenty kids will require less food than the same number of adults, but it’s your duty as host or hostess to make sure your guests have enough to eat. And remember, there’s a difference between being hungry and wanting more; we don’t want guests to be hungry but we always want them wanting more!

Following these tips when preparing your dessert table will please palates and eyes alike!