Welcome home to Mother Rucker’s: Let our kitchen be your kitchen!

Welcome home to Mother Rucker’s: Let our kitchen be your kitchen!

129_largeThink about that feeling you get when you first step into a room filled with the aroma of cookies, straight out of the oven. That’s the sensation Mother Rucker’s Sweets aims to recreate every day by baking premium cookies, brownies, handmade chocolate bars and confections just for you!

Our mission has always been to earn the loyalty and respect of our customers by providing a brand of superior fresh-baked sweets that can be trusted, not only for quality, but for excellent customer service backed by our unparalleled guarantees.

And let’s be honest. With a million and one items to check off of your to-do list each day, enjoying—much less baking—delectable delights often winds up toward the bottom, if at all. We don’t think anyone should be denied dessert, so we’re here to help!

Since 2006, Karel Rucker and Greg Raynes, co-founders of Mother Rucker’s Sweets, have been cooking up an assorted selection of cookies, brownies, brittle and more to share with all of you, and we’re not slowing down any time soon. In fact, with an assortment of baked goods that stand the test—and taste—of time, we’re just getting started.

Whether you’re craving our cake-like Chippies, a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chip cookie made using Mother Rucker’s secret recipe, or our tasty Cookie Brittle, perfect for nibbling or dunking into a tall glass of milk, our website is fully stocked with an array of Mother Rucker’s original treats. Share our snacks with anyone with a sweet tooth, as we also have beautifully arranged gift boxes and special packages available for nearly every occasion. Or customize a few dozen of our almond or lemon sugar cookies to add a personalized touch.

In addition to having a website chock full of goodies, we’re also offering our Web visitors a virtual seat at our kitchen table. This blog will delve into the ins and outs of our ovens and offer readers tips on which treats make the best gifts, what occasions call for cookies, how to properly design a dessert spread and so much more!

We hope you’re hungry, because there’s plenty more to come! Welcome home to Mother Rucker’s!